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SOHC 4.0 Cam Question

Are there any cams out there for a SOHC 4.0. I would like to know if there are also any other kinds of performance that any SOHC guys know about. Thanks sorry if this has been asked before its just for some reason my search thing isn't working.

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I don't know of any cams for the SOHC.

Arent the cams "overhead" (above the valves)? And arent there two of them?

When I open the oil cap I can see the chain for it.

yeah thats true but do you know of any place for aftermarket cams for it. Thanks

there aren't any aftermarket cams made for the sohc, you might be able to get a good shop to custom grind a cam for you or try Comp Cams ect, but it would probably be expensive as hell and expensive to install on the sohc, I definitley wouldn't risk it.

Performance + sohc = :nono: :p j/k

It's not a mod friendly engine, your basically limited to a chip, exhaust, and intake as nice mods. The sohc is already in a pretty high state of tune with high compression.

i will tell you from my experience (helping a friend with cams/head porting on a 01 GT) that it wouldnt be worth it. as far as i know, the same rules as the 4.6 SOHC would apply:

1- the stock cams are pretty good to begin with.

2- aftermarket cams for a ford SOHC shift the powerband way up in the rpm range- in other words, it would be a turd around town.

3- it does VERY little without monster head work/porting.

a good rule of thumb for replacing cams in a 4.6 SOHC is do it as a last resort. in other words, after you have dialed in a big shot of nitrous, or are running boost. like i said, it will do little to nothing without head work.

the aftermarket cams for the 4.6 are readily available, and are very expensive. as far as i know, you would have to have the cams custom ground. figure at least $2k for a pair of custom ground 4.0 SOHC's.

in other words, you would get more power for the same $$$ if you did a custom charger install.

Comp cams has nothing yet available for the SOHC. One of the main reasons is that the rear timing chain is just about impossible to replace or reinstall without pulling the engine. Unlike the 4.6 or any other mod motor the SOHC has a timing chain in the front of the engine and in the rear. Look closely at your valve covers and you'll see what I mean. The stock cams are great for performace of the SOHC, the exhaust ports are where alot of power is lost on the SOHC's. You need to worry more with intake pipes, exhaust pipes including headers but maybe closer then that a well designed computer chip.

Later Doug904.

Originally posted by Doug904
Comp cams has nothing yet available for the SOHC.
Later Doug904.
I meant he could see if they or another shop would custom grind a cam for him:p They most likely (along with every other place) will never come out with a cam for the sohc. I don't even think someone would do it because of the expense involved and the problem of installing it in the engine.

Yeah i think maybe screw the CAM idea anyways. Well i have a Diablo Chip in now and its great and i have a friend selling me his ZEX dry kit and plan on getting that. I figure just get a great exhaust in it headers, cut offs, high flow cats, and flowmaster mufflers with a MAC intake for it along with the K&N drop in box filter. I hope to get some forged pistons hopefully to reinforce the nitrous. If worse comes to worse when she is payed off i will get a crate 5.0 and have another vehicle to drive and have the Explorer for a toy right with all the goodies like Vortech super charger, Headers, notrous, chip and all the many other items for 5.0 liters. Thanks guys

Let me know if you want that opener.

Originally posted by Johhny Island
Yeah i think maybe screw the CAM idea anyways. Well i have a Diablo Chip in now and its great and i have a friend selling me his ZEX dry kit and plan on getting that. I figure just get a great exhaust in it headers.......
heh, good luck on the headers unless their custom made lol :p . I posted this a while ago but for some reason none of the sohc guys cared even though they were all asking about headers?....Borla makes a set for the 02' and up Explorer 4drs with the sohc V6. One of the Explorers in Truckin Suv from September I think (the issue with the 3 pimp 02's and an sweet 02' Mounty), one was running a Borla Dual Exhaust and Borla Headers on the sohc, I contacted Borla and they do make them but the rep told me he didn't know for sure if it would work on the 2nd gen Explorers b/c Ford reworked the sohc and parts for 02' Explorers.

Might want to check into it though:)

Thanks but JBA makes headers for my truck there pricey but isn't everything. Trust me there are items for SOHC and if there aren't sertain ones give it some time and things will come about. The JBA ones cost a little over 500 but hey maybe one day i'll get em. Right now i'm going for the Steeda Ultra Lights Wheels since everyone has the Cobra R's i need to be a little bit different.

are you sure it's JBA? A lot of guys have thought they had headers and then found out they only work on the ohv, this was talked about a lot, b/c some people thought they had sohc when it ended being ohv ones.

I know Borla has them for 02's and up but they are expensive.

Steeda Ultra Lights are nice, a friend of my sisters, her brother was selling one tight azz 01' Mountaineer, lowered on Steeda Ultra-Lights, dual Maganflow exhaust, FMS headers, B&M shift kit, K&N intake, Ford Racing plugs and wires, e-303 cam, and a diablo chip burned for it. My mom almost bought it for my sister, she's obsessed with the truck, and either sell or hold onto the 94' which was mine but now it's hers.

I went for a ride in it, and it was the first 5.0 Explorer/Mounty I've been in with an e-303 cam, holy crap, that truck flew with all the mods he's done, he said he cranks off 14.7 at 96.3 mph at Morosso in the quarter, and I believe him, it slammed you to the seat. He was only asking 23,000 including a 1500 watt stereo set up. He wanted to get an 03' Cobra, but the one he wanted sold, so he decided to keep the Mounty, my sisters:( now lol. The truck was gorgeous though, tha deep blue color, and it looked awsome with the Steeda Ultra-Lights, and he said it rode better than the Cobras he had on which were 17's, the Steeda's are 18's right?

EDIT- expo5.0, I like the e-303:D , his truck was sick for a NA 5.0, the Ultra-Lights really help acceleration, they are so light with a lot of reduced unsprung weight.