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SOHC 4.0 general engine timing - TDC

don't crank & retime

Don't crank the engine any more until you check the timing. When you loosen the jackshaft sprocket retaining bolt with piston 1 at TDC on compression stroke the right (passenger side) camshaft will typically rotate about 30 degrees to reduce compressed valve spring pressure. I suggest that you pull both valve covers and check/redo the timing.

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Thank you, I will pull the covers and time BOTH sides one side being up to 30 degrees out certainly explains why it won't start!


Thanks again, you guys on here are life savers, I would have been lost without all of the great pictures and help threads..


Boy, pulling that right hand valve cover while is the car is going to be a real bear....

I just did the chains and cassettes put the motor back in and hears my problem it runs great for about 5 mins then dies try to start it back up and wont stay running but if i give it a little gas it will stay running with my foot on the pedal. Could i have done one cam 180 off and have this going on any ideas?

After a LONG time working on replacing both front and rear timing cassettes (and not working on it over the Winter) I'm finally at that point where I'm in the last week of this project:)

I would like some advice before I turn the key. I have timed both camshafts and I think I have it right. However, here's my issue:

I got the engine on the compression stroke for the #1 cylinder. As the instructions state for the crankshaft timing tool at this point when you're on the compression stroke, "rotate the crankshaft counter clockwise until the crankshaft timing tool is in place". When I do that, which requires the wider slot on the damper to be almost exactly in the 12 o'clock position relative to the engine block, I watch the timing marks on the damper move past the pointer on the crankshaft positioning indicator. In fact, I watch the 10 degree mark go by and then the 0 degree mark and where it lands (which is the only place where the crankshaft timing tool will fit properly underneath and up against its resting place under the block) is roughly 5 degrees "before" the 0 mark on the damper.

I don't know if this is right or not but I have done this a dozen times to see what I come up with and the damper is in the only position that it can be with the timing tool on and seated properly.

Any thoughts?

Are the gears on a 4.0 Ford 2007 and where are they thanks 1jonboy. joncolletti48@yahoo. com

Timing a 4.0/ Ford explorer v6

Where are the markings on the timing gears for a 2007 4..0 v6 and do u put them at 12 o'clock please let me know i need to pull the heads this morning so if anyone can help please y me know my email is joncolletti48@yahoo. com if you want to communicate that way thanks alot. Jon COLLETTI

gear markings

There are no timing marks on the camshaft sprockets (gears). The timing marks are on the end of the camshafts. The camshafts are correctly positioned for head removal when the timing slots are below the axes of the camshaft and parallel to the head surface that mates with the valve cover.

The small arc should be at the bottom and the large arc at the top when piston 1 is at TDC.

Do you have a video of this??? Please say yes

Sohc tdc

I prefer not to use the timing tools because it keeps my mind sharp.

Firstly set both of your camshafts to TDC using the slot in the rear of the shafts.
Have the smaller half of the slot facing downwards.
Place a 6mm Hex Wrench in the slot.
Take measurements from the mating surface on the top of the head to the bottom edge of the Hex Wrench at equal distances from the center of the camshaft outward along the Hex Wrench. I can't remember what the measurements are but they MUST be equal. Make this measurement as acurate as possible.
Place two pairs of vice grips on the camshafts to lock their position.

View attachment 268425

Secondly attach your new timing chain cassettes, leaving the camshaft bolts loose.
Tighten the Jackshft bolts.
Because you already have the timing tools use the tensioner looking tool in the tensioner hole in the side of the head to place tension on the jackshaft to camshaft chains.

Thirdly set your Crankshaft to TDC as indicated by the crank angle sensor bracket and the 0 degree mark on the harmonic balancer. Please note: the crankshaft in the following picture is set to 12 degrees retarded, not TDC.

View attachment 268426

Lastly recheck position of camshafts and crankshaft then tighten the camshaft bolts. Your crankshaft won't move because you have held your camshafts directly.

Remove the tensioner looking tool and install hydraulic tensioner.

Fill with fresh oil and rotate crankshaft by hand to build oil pressure in oil galleries and tensioners. Also to enjoy first hand a freshly timed SOHC engine...;)