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SOHC headers (Borla)


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August 9, 2002
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For all of you that want headers for your SOHC V6, Borla makes them. If you look in the new Truckin Suv magazine with the 3 custom Explorers and 1 Mounty, only one of the Explorers had the SOHC V6 and he had a Borla dual catback and Borla headers. KenneBell is also planning on a twin-screw charger for the SOHC V6 that that Explorer will use also. It was an 02' but I'm sure the headers would work for the previous gen, not sure because they re-worked that engine for 02' but that shouldn't affect any fit-ment of the headers. I haven't checked the Borla site yet so I don't know if they have anything on their site about the headers.:)


Thanks for the info- i have that issue right here in front of me.. must have missed it where it said he had borla headers.

A supercharger would be nice.. Oh i wish i had more $$$.. oh well college is important too