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SOHC Oil Pressure

Scott B.

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February 15, 1999
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'93 Ranger XLT
Does anyone know what the "proper" or expected oil pressure is in a SOHC motor? It is a 2006, with only 53K miles on it, so I expect it to be making and maintaining full pressure.

I wired up my AutoMeter pressure gauge today, and am seeing 50 lbs of pressure, idle to about 2K rpm. It is not the 50 I doubt, it is the almost constant pressure.

I will drive it tomorrow, with varying speed/rpm, so I hope to a change in my gauge reading.

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Scott, are you using a pressure sensor that is for the Autometer gauge? You cannot use the OEM sensor, that is an ON/OFF switch. The dash gauge only shows if there is any pressure, not how much. Regards,

Yes, I am using the AutoMeter pressure sender - it is "T"-ed in with the factory sender/switch. (The 2006 does have the traditional gauge/switch - only a light.)

If I had a factory gauge, I would have converted it to a real pressure gauge (the oil pressure gauge mod.)

Interesting then, it sounds like they make great pressure. That would help the valvetrain survive better because it depends on oil pressure for the tension of the cam chains. Let us know what your readings turn out to be over time.

I want to try to mount a digital gauge hidden away, and display the reading on an LED panel behind a tiny hole in the OEM cluster. I'm about to try an Autometer water temperature gauge. There electrical gauges cost a little more than others because they use a digital signal for the sensors, not a voltage that varies. Regards,

15 psi minimum at 2000 rpm.

After several days of driving, and a quick call to AutoMeter, I have reached the following conclusion:

Between 1000 and 4000 RPMs, the oil pump delivers 50 psi (give or take about 5 psi). 700 - 750 RPM yields about 25 psi.

The oil pressure in this motor appears much more consistent than in my '93 OHV motor (ignoring the worn-bearing-low-pressure issue.)

Excellent, that equates to better lubrication and long life. I hope to get an oil pressure gauge in my 347 truck.

BTW, how thick/deep is that gauge, and is it one of their digital gauges? I see that many of the aftermarket gauges are more shallow than they used to be.

The gauge is the electric Sport Comp - 2 1/16" by about 1 1/2" deep. Plan on about 2" though, allowing for the wiring connections and mounting bracket. (A-pillar pod) The pod allows plenty of room behind the gauge. I think some of the digital gauges are shallower - could be a moot point, depending on your mounting location.

Just for the record, the pod I used will fit a 2nd generation Ex (you have to remove the grab handle, if there is one.)

What is a "347 truck"? Is it a bored out 5.0L?

Okay I think that the gauges are better than they used to be, small/rugged/accurate.

Is there a pillar pod(3) which fits better on Explorers, or sticks out less? I had not asked or looked around before, but that is next on my list to do. I have a 347 longblock which I bought last Fall, it is a stroked 302. I've been slow about rebuilding my trans and converting to a real 4WD transfer case. I'll need three extra gauges eventually, the trans temperature is the first on my list now. I have ordered an A/F ratio and vacuum/boost gauge, available in several weeks.

Unfortunately, I have only seen 2 gauge pods :( I needed space for three gauges also, which is one reason I ended up building the under-dash center console.