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sohc4.0 swap to 5.4 triton + Possibly more low?


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February 24, 2014
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Houston, Texas
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97 Ford Explorer SOHC V6
This is my first ever thread, so give me your thoughts.

I have a 97 xlt 4x4 sohc 4.0, I never off road, and I live in the city.
I want a v8, its as simple as that, 5.0 or better, but I cant seem to find a swap kit(crate engine, all wiring, water pump, ect.) SO how should I go about this.
I was told to go to the junkyard by some people, and I might go there for seats and what not, but im not to sure about the engine. My transmission is 5-speed automatic, and I want a 6-speed shiftable-auto.

As for my suspension, I'm not to big on the idea of lifting my truck, because the explorer as you know is top heavy, So i would prefer it to be lowered, better gas mileage, more city friendly and what not, plus I like the idea of how it would look lowered. I have seen some lowered trucks but none of them are 4x4 , what should I do. I'd like to keep the 4x4 so incase the situation arises, i will have it.

In short, what would you all recommend?

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The 5.4 triton won't fit a 2nd generation Ex. from what I have read. Your best bet is to sell the Explorer you have and buy a third generation with the 4.6 v8. I have a 2000 4.0 sohc with 163,000 miles that runs well (new timing chains). The 4.10 gears that came with my Limited really help with acceleration and towing. Engine swaps are not an easy thing to do these days. I too was contemplating an engine swap; a 3.7 duratec with the 6 speed auto. It would be impressive (300 hp and much better mpg), but it is beyond my capabilities and cash. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

Well, a friend of mine is a co-owner of a garage where they specialize in this sort of thing, he said A high hp 5.0 would be a lot easier, and roughly the same price, and since he said he has another svt 5.0 we might be able to use that one. Thank you anyway, I guess I had some really high hopes for an engine swap od that degree.

Wouldn't say "can't," but will say "shouldn't."
Your main enemies are the 4wd system (can almost guarantee the front diff will be leaving), the steering system, and the electrical system... That's not including possible frame modification. Easiest way is the 5.0 swap or selling and buying an Ex with the 4.6 and swapping. There's a LOT of headache involved with what you're proposing.

you could go 5.0 swap and leave the 4wd out. You would save some drive line loss and weight. But depending on your truck itself you could probably sell yours and buy a 5.0 2wd cheaper than the swap. 5.0s make good power. The money you would save doing a direct swap would allow for tuning and power adders that would get the 5.0 up around the 5.4 numbers.