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[SOLD] 1991 & 1994 4-Door Explorers For Sale


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November 3, 2013
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North Idaho
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1991 & 1994 Explorers
Located in North Idaho (Just north of Moscow) I have both a 1991 and 1994 Ford Explorer for sale. They both run and drive but both have issues that prevent them from being road worthy (tired engine on 1991, bad transmission on 1994). Hopefully looking for someone that wants to build one from both or even make an offroad rig. I've made videos about the highlights:

1991: 1994:
They both have 3.73 gears with the 1991 having LSD. The 1991's automatic trans was rebuilt by previous owner, at least 30k ago and works well. The auto trans in the 1994 goes in 1st and reverse but never shifts into 2nd but will occasionally go into 3rd when in 4x4 Low downhill, assuming clutch packs are toast. Engine in 1991 ticks like mad, likely due to lifters since rocker arms, pushrods and timing chain were all done. Engine in 1994 is quiet with no leaks, always reliable for me with likely original plugs & wires but has 190k on it. Brakes on the 1991 were totally re-done with new hoses, pads, rotors, master cylinders and resurfaced drums. Brakes on the 1994 have had hoses replaced and are rebuilt but front rotors need replaced. Front end on 1991 was rebuilt with u-joints, spindle bearings, ball joints and wheel bearings. The 1991 had new Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires about 5-6 years ago with over half their tread life left. The 1994 has horrible tires that barely hold air. Both have alloy wheels with an alloy spare. 4x4 on both vehicles works very well, no issues. Neither vehicle has any codes or computer issues.

I have meticulously outlined all maintenance in a document if you are interested. I'd like to sell these as a pair but if you want one, I could work a deal. Clean titles on both. Contact with any questions.

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