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some before and after cosmetics

I bought this 97 XLT about a month ago. Was in great condition just needed a few minor fixes here and there.

This is the before trim

This is the after with new tires, painted trim, and washed and waxed!


This is the before key code thing


This is the after

Before front wiper


After wiper paint job!


new stereo


new sub, with 1000 watt sony xplod amp on the back.

I have a few more changes I want to do yet. I did paint the 2 handles on the back (the one to open the gate/glass and the one on the glass) but pics came out not so good. I still need to paint the "cowl" i guess its called underneath the wipers. Its rather gray but I could not pull it off. I unscrewed the 1 screw but seems to be stuck. SO im waiting on that for now.

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Looks Great! I have done all the painting (except the window trim) including the grayish purple bumper trim so now its all black. For the cowls undo the screw in the middle, take the wipers off, then start to pry it off from the middle working outward making sure to pull straight up. Be careful of the sprayer nozzles because they do break, so take them off as soon as you get the first clip off or so. There are only i think three clips, they are difficult to get off but it can be done.

I have yet to paint my trim too. Im going to by a higher quality one first before I do that. Like a satin kind people have mentioned.

I'd like to paint the inside of my doors the same color as the body, but not sure if I can do it myself. I saw someone who had a red ex (RIP I hear) with the doors and console trim painted and it looked nice!

lookin good

what did u use to paint trim and how is it holding up?

sorry for the late reply but I bought a can of MAR-HYDE from o'reilly auto parts. I am sure its not the best can there but it was cheap and its holding up like the day I put it on. It is NOT glossy at all, more of just a flat black, but thats fine with me for now. You can see the before and after pictures and if need be I can take closer ones. Served its purpose, for certain.

what about the trim on the bumper?? painted mine with bumper paint came out mint.

what about the trim on the bumper?? painted mine with bumper paint came out mint.

My bumper was actually fine, I didn't need to touch it at all. I did recently do the grill and it came out bad. I used krylon metallic paint and I did it in 40 mph winds outside (too much stuff in the garage and was *****ed at till I went outside). It moved the paint all over and its not looking the best. From a distance it looks pretty good but when you get closer you can see the paint runs. Im gonna go to a junk yard I think and try and pick a cheap one up.

It's the little details like this that make a truck look brand new.