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some ideas from photoshop


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November 14, 2014
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1995 Ford Explorer XLT 4W
i randomly woke up at 3 am last night and my head was racing nonstop about my explorer :S i hopped on photoshop for some ideas and here's what im looking at, what do you guys think?

how it is now [Link]

antenna delete + plasti dip handles and grill black, (should i keep handles the way they are?)


also plan to get these headlights and these tail lights

how do you guys think all that would look like together? anyone have smoked tail lights? would the ones im looking at give me any troubles with getting pulled over?

BTW here are another set of headlights i was looking at, I think they look pretty cool, what do you guys think?


here it is with both headlights done


i feel like with my car especailly with the old faded headlights, changing to these black ones would make the most significant boost in appearance, what do you guys think?

Headlights shave years of the truck's appearance. I've always preferred a billet grille look on our trucks as it smooths out the front end. They're fairly cheap and easy to install. I have very similar tail lights to the ones you've posted, and I've never been pulled over, well, for that reason anyway ;)