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some newer pics of my motor

thought I'd post some snapshots of my truck's motor since I never got around to it before:




And of my 700r4 shifter



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got any kind of #'s yet?

come on post some numbers man> PLEASE

how hard was it to put that msd in i may bee looking into it

get your dyno #'s yet?


any updates

dyno sheet....LOTS of room for improvement

here's my recent dyno:


stock is about 116 at the wheels. Keep in mind this dyno run is with the stock manifolds and exhaust in place and the MSD DIS-4 was unhooked, and I don't have any kind of chip. The first run I had my FMU hooked up...ran WAY too rich under boost. Unhooked the FMU for the second pull....With my dual high flow fuel pumps and 24# injectors I really don't need to jack up the fuel pressure with an FMU because I'm getting plenty of fuel under boost and making more power because it was leaner. It seems clear that I will need to run the DIS-4...the jagged power/torque curve in the upper RPMs suggests that.

Max boost was 7 lbs at redline

Anyway, I fully expect to be above 200rwhp once I get my headers back on. I plan on running a 2.5 inch y pipe into a 3 inch main pipe, cat, and muffler. Notice how the torque takes a dive once I get into boost and the HP doesn't go up any....I fully attribute that to the exhaust restriction.

Once I fix that, I will swap to a smaller pulley which should give me a max of 9 Lbs of boost, and I am going to install a snow performance water/methanol injection so that I can run really aggressive timing. Chip tuning will help a lot. My ultimate goal is 250 at the wheels, more if I can pull it off.

with the upcoming mods you will really bring up the benefit of revving higher. So when is she going to the track for some times?

It's been hard to even get to the dyno with things at work being as busy as they have been, but I hope to go to the track sometime in november before it closes for the winter. By then I should be done with my engine mods and I can focus on handling and exterior mods. I'm working on a custom guage cluster consisting of all autometer phantom series guages. I also will install my EE swaybars, poly bushings, and maybe some progressive rate front coils and a set of composite rear leafs. By then I'll probably be gone on deployment for a while, which will let me save up for some rust repair work and a good quality paint job.