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some pic's of a few mods

William Schumacher

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February 26, 1999
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'99 Sport 4X4
I sure hope this works ?,

this is just a shot of my '99 sport with the ome/twist,(and still with my rod-racks that were fabricated to bolt in to the holes on my manick bar.265/75 16' T/A ko's

this is a look at the Amsoil dual remote by-pass oil filtration setup,this has a small valve for taking samples for analysis.(you can barely see the jacobs dis just above the filters in the grill !

another shot at the filters through the grill

these shot's are of the ram-air setup

I don't know why not all of my pic's are going through ?

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I was just wondering if you can push down the builings in the rear with that brush gaurd. WOW if that thing huge.

Love the filter setup though. Nice job.

Is that grill guard designed to hold fishing rods? It looks wild!

those are fish rod holders !!!

I got so busy with the holidays and work that I didn't get the chance to get them off,(so I can put the ski holders on)
but thanks, Lee,I would have never got these things posted,
and I had this camara for a few months now !!
I need some action shots

part of the 4

through the wheelwell,you can see the 4" neo hose that routs to the motor side of the airbox,and the stock opening on the box was resealed.,the other end goes to a scoop mounted in the airdam,most of the parts were purchsed from pierre at

and this is a shot of the routing of the braided hose for the amsoil dual by-pass filtration.