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Some problems after rebuild


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October 6, 2008
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chesapeake virginia
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'96 xlt 4x4
Well I finally finished the engine and tranny rebuild and I have a problem with both first the engine starts to run very rich and rough once it warms up I cleaned the maf sensor no change I noticed the iac is bad making a loud humming noise and engine runs better when it's unplugged And the transmission runs great did a complete rebuild with new solenoid s and a shift kit but will not shift past 2 nd it just goes into neutral pretty much but will shift all the way up if you do it manually

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Were you having these symptoms prior to the rebuild? The transmission issues sound like either a wiring issue or an faulty transmission computer.

Are you getting any check engine codes? It sounds like the IAC is bad or dirty if it is not new. I would take that apart and clean it really well with throttle body cleaner. If there is no change, then replace it.

I did not have any problems before rebuild but I sunk the motor and hydro locked it so water did get into all of the sensors between air box and intake manifold and I cleaned the iac got better but not completely fixed it needs to be replaced I ordered a scanner still waiting on it in the mail I'm sure I can figure out the engine problem my concern right now is the transmission I'm close to pulling it back out but if it's a sensor problem I'd really rather not go through the trouble again

Would yours just not shift at all or was hitting 3rd like hitting neutral

I'll try replacing a few sensors before I pull the tranny I hope it works

Well I changed out the ect sensor and the iac valve and that seemed to clear up the engine issue tested the maf and the tps with a volt meter and they seemed to be working ok the idle voltage on the maf is a little high by about .2 volts don't know if that's bad and the tps at wide open throttle is reading about 4.42 volts and the book says it should read about 5 volts so again not to sure there I am going to run up the transmission tomorrow while I got it up on Jack stands and readjust the range sensor and see if that fixes it I'll try dropping the pan if it doesn't and change out the 2-3 shift solenoid and if that doesn't work I'm going to have to get back into the valve body and might drop the transmission if I do to check the clutches and make sure I didn't burn them

Keep use updated. I have very limited knowledge on the internals of transmissions but in my experience, it sounds electrical. I had a Jeep Cherokee with the same issue. It would not shift out of 1st unless I manually shifted it. It had a bad transmission control unit.

It might be worth your time to take it to a good transmission shop. They will diagnose it for free. I have a great transmission shop here in Georgia and they have saved me a lot of money by being honest. Other shops would just say I need a new transmission when this shop would always find the true cause which turned out to be something simple.

Changed out solenoid to my originals fixed 2-3 shift problem that's two ebay items for the transmission alone that were no good have some other problems now though so I'll keep updating engine missing . And transmission still a little funny

The engine missing was a cracked plug must of cracked it putting it in.transmission now acting up in first,after about 30 minutes of driving. Already changed solenoid and no change think I might replaced the valve body

Ordered new valve body transmission runs great now talked to a transgo tech he said after about 60,000 miles if the valve body is removed from tranny after that they automatically consider them junk, guess they are prone to warping with age also replaced dpfe sensor and cleared up another rough running bad idle problem everything is running smooth now and I did my fist oil change will post pics once I get it back on the trail of the whole rebuild and some trail pics can't wait going up to ride what's left of shoe creek next month