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Some random system questions...


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October 2, 2003
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Pitman NJ
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'98 XLT
I have a system in my 88 Nissan Stanza....yeah yeah yeah.... Buying the 'rents X.... 98XLT V8 4-Door...

I have a Kenwood mpc822 head unit with a Kenwood 10CD changer. Kenwood Excelon 6.5" comps in the front, Excelon 6.5" 2-ways in the rear, and a single 10w7 in the trunk :eek: GOD THAT SUB HITS. I am running everything off of 2 amps with a 1 farad cap. The Excelons are running off an old RF 50Wx4. The JL is running off a JL mono 500W. :D

The system rocks in my Nissan.....rattles the hell out of everything but still rocks....

I am obviously going to have it moved over to the X.

So I guess here are my questions....

Where to mount the tweeter for the front comps? (I was reading the other thread and chadb said he put them down in the door but I didnt understand that at all...maybe someone can explain that?)

Where would be the best place to mount the 2 amps and cap?...
- Currently I am thinking about putting them under the rear seats...but I am concerned about them being hurt if the seats fold down. I was thinking maybe being able to place them behind the molding in the rear after I remove the stock sub. Any ideas would help. I would prefer a slightly stealthy install... IE - be able to remove the subbox from the X (velcro?) for cargo room and not have anything in the way.

Can the CD changer be placed in the center console where the stock cd changer is?

My X has a power antenna (currently not working right but that fix is coming soon). Is there a special way to wire the HU to work the antenna?

When placing the Sub in the cargo area of the X is there a "best/better" direction to have it face?
- IE, facing the hatch vs. facing diagonally vs. facing the front (sitting against the rear hatch).....It is in a custom built box...

Is it better to crack your windows with the bass up high to let the pressure out (of the car) or does that hurt bass quality?

OK thanks for any help.


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i dont know about anything but the bass question =) with the w7 u dont have to let pressure out if u run with the windows down the bass wont sound...bad...but it will be leaving the car easily

ask expo 5.0 what 2 15s can do to ur rear hatch though :) :) :)


So windows up unless it hurts your ears ;)

Still looking for answers to the other questions if you have them. still searching the site as much as I can for answers....

I'll try to answer as many of your questions are possible;

- There was a thread about where to place tweeters in the door, take a look at it, it was fairly recent, there is a link to pictures on my website in my sig as well.

-I don't think there is enough room for the 500.1 amp under the seats, i'd use the rear cargo pocket/stock sub area for both amps.

-Others have used the center console for a aftermarket CD changer so you should be able to.

- If the HU was installed properly then the antenna should work, I can't help more then that cause I don't have a power antenna.

- Most use a box facing the rear hatch which allows for more time/distance for the bass waves to develop, this may be BS but it sounded good when I heard it.

-Windows up or windows down, just try it both ways and see what sounds better.

In my X, I mounted the amp on the back of my box, and I still have room for 1 or 2 more amps.

As far as the antenna goes I installed a head unit in my friend's old buick which had a power antenna and he had to run the remote wire to the motor of the antenna.

I have my box slanted towards the back hatch and it pounds! (Or at least it did until my sub crapped out on me... :rolleyes: ) I suggest making a box that way.

I normally try my sub in every feasible direction, and pick the one I liked the best.

some decisions made....

First, I am going to "attempt" to design an amp "rack" like they used on ritop's explorer....

CD changer will go in center console....

Cap will also go in the back "sub" compartment with the amps.

Already bought the speaker adapters and HU kit online so that I dont get raped by the install place....

So far so good, If I get a design for the amp rack I will try and put it online for you all to see.

On my `97 --I have a 600 watt amp inside the side quarter panel of the right side rear-- right next to the sub which was speicically designed to fit in that little cubby in the back..

makes adding anything to the amp a total pain -- BUT I use the back of my Sport ALL the time - and fold the rear seats up and down ALL the time -- so couldn't really figure out any other spot to stash the amp...

... BUT - the down side to that -- is now I am looking to get a new Sport -- not sure if it is worth the $$$ to have the amp/sub removed and stock replaced -- OR to just leave it for the new owner( which is sort of cool) and save up to do something to the newbie.