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someone don't like my X ......


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March 4, 2002
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Albuquerque,New Mexico
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1992 XLT
Man, driving home last night about 10:00 was going down a road and all of a sudden i hear this loud bang coming from the passenger rear of the X it was so load i swerved off the road. about a block down the road i pulled over and looked around from the driver seat and saw that my rear passengerside querter panel window was shattered. got out to find a hole in the lower part where someone shot it with a gun went back to look for the person who did it but no one was there (lucky for them hehe) called police made a report. man that window costs alot list is $1,000 cost to window place is 450.00. boy good thing for insurance have 100.00 deduct but that was waived so i went ahead and had them replace the winshield since it had a crack in it total cost to insurance co. $700.00 i guess those monthy premiums paid off. not that anyone cares just thought i would share. :)

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Probally some punk ass kids:fire:

What did they shoot ya with, a "real" gun (bullets) or a pellet gun?

thats some pretty serious stuff... where do kids get off thinking that shooting a gun at cars is fun? thats messed up. :shoot: :nono:

just like the kids that were throwing paving bricks off of the overpasses onto cars and trucks,that is some sick ****.:frustrate

Yeah, I thought I had it bad when I got hit with eggs and had to have half my car repainted... but guns and bricks??????? Why cant these kids go build some treehouses or ride their bikes???

Originally posted by MARTY196
someone shot it with a gun....
that's crazy
went back to look for the person who did it...
that's even crazier
but no one was there (lucky for them hehe)...
it's lucky for you. if they had a gun things could've been a lot worse then a broken window

What did law enforcement have to say?

You guys have a lot of damn nerve to just assume it was a kid and not a lousy drunk or just someone looking for problems. There are a lot more people in this world causing problems besides "those damn kids". :frustrate:

Ya, but chances are it was a kid. I'm only 18 years old and i have mind enough to know that it is people of my age group doing this sh*t. Speaking of the brick thrown over the over pass. That happened to a neighbor of mine while she was driving through Compton. The brick came right through the windshield and hit her in the face. She immediately was knocked unconcious and crashed her car into the side barrier. Craziest part is that she survived and doesnt look much different today than she did teh day before the accident. Thank God for medical technology. hehe.

It is just hard for me to see a drunk 40 year old man getting his jollies shotting out someones window with a pellet gun.I do apoligize for jumping to conclusions about the youth of our nation,hell I used to be one.

that would not surprise me at all if it were an old drunk.

could have been a kid. could have been an elderly person. could have been a postal worker. could have been a teacher. could have been a trucker. could have been a priest. could have been your brother. could have been a politician.

Face it, anybody could be a sicko. Why is everyone trying to be Matlock?

MARTY169, glad to see you're okay!

Alright you got me, I did it.

sideswipe: "What did they shoot ya with, a "real" gun (bullets) or a pellet gun?

it was a real gun only a 22 or a 25 but still that would have hurt or worse in certain spots of your body.

aldive: "What did law enforcement have to say"?

not much took a report looked around neighborhood and said to be careful about driving in that area at night.

but hay look at the bright side got a new winsheild and side glass (not that i needed a side glass) now I can see all the big rocks i keep running into. also they cleaned the windows so now i don't have to do it for awhile

Well im glad it had a kind of happy ending:D

Dang thats crazy, what part of town was it that it happened? (remind me to stay away from there). What does your Explorer look like? Maybe ive seen it around town. Glad everything turned out okay.

I'm glad youre OK, I was hoping it was a pellet gun. Damn, thats some serious business man....

That is very f'ing serious. Whoever did that should be locked in a room with me for a while. I'd love to teach em a lesson.

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Brian1 :....I live down in the south valley
it happened off of broadway and rio bravo in the area they call
kenny brick my X is basic green
nothing unique about it that would stand out so it would be hard to distiquish it
from all the rest here in albuquereque i was looking at your picks to see if i see it anywhere
you go to UNM ???