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someone don't like my X ......

Hey Marty,
I use to live down in the South Valley. Rio Grande Class of 69. I know the area you are talking about. Glad you're OK.

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Ray Lobato: Cool man Rio Grande class of 1992
cool place to live been here almost all my life born in california though west covina. You ever come down to albuquerque anymore??

That also happened to me, but I actually got hit by the BB, except I wasn't in a car. There was this kid who lived nextdoor to my friend who was a plain-out punk ass. This kid was always getting into trouble, one of those I'm so tuff kids. Well this one day some friends and I were at my friends house in our neighborhood just shooting a b-ball not even really playing. This kid Jason nextdoor and 3 of his friends decide to set up a target that happened to be pointed towards us. So we started arguing w/ them and **** telling them to go into the back and not be stupid, and what does the fu**** kid do, he shoots in my direction and nails me in my shoulder, I don't know if he was really aiming for me but at that point I didn't care becasue he hit me and they thought it was funny, after not even a few seconds of holding my shoulder I imediatley ran towards him, he barely moved (maybe he didn't think I was going to do anything- now think about that, hehe) and stuck him in the face. I knocked his 2 front teeth out and broke his nose. I still have little scars on my last 2 knuckles from his teeth. By that time my friends ran over and that kid Jasons' friends got their punk-***** kicked to. His mom called the cops and we didn't get in trouble, even though they had to take him to the hospital. The reason we didn't get in trouble is because 1. I got hit, 2. they have had complaints from people in our neighborhood that their cars had been hit by bb's (basically everyone has those damned beemers, lexus, mercedes ect.) so you can tell they were pretty pissed I'm sure when their cars got hit. I was 17 so it was about two years ago and he and his friends were around 15-16. I'm not the fighting type unless someone pushes me and he really pisses me off! :D but who has fake front teeth now:D I agree though that it's mainly kids around my age or younger that pull this ****.

oh yeh, forgot to add something - when he was younger his mom tried taking one of his bb guns away and he nailed her in the stomach with one.

Speaking of all this, did anyone ever see the movie "The Good Son", crazy f'n movie. Remember that part where McCauly Cullkin (how ever the hell you spell his name) made that fullsize dumy like a person and threw it off a bridge onto a highway. And it caused a huge accident w/ like a hundred cars. Crazy man!

I gotta agree. Now where I live in upstate ny it isn't bad at all, but when I lived in lower NY f#$king kids would do all sorts of stupid crap, damaging property and hurting people for no reason. 94tanXT-I fI saw what u did to that kid to teach him a lesson I would have paid you. People really do need to give kids a few broken bones when they do stuff like that.

And yea, I loved that movie. Great storyline. Sick stuff though.

Thanks 96camaro, I thought I might get flammned for kicking a younger kids ass, but come on he was a year ot 2 younger and pulled some really stupid ****.

His whole family is f' up. They don't work or anything, they live off their grandparents money (they invented thoses little plastic milk bottles or cigarette cartons or something like that. His moms a drug addict, I'm talkin coke and ****** and stuff like that. I remember she got one of those Ultrasmith Suburbans totally decked out to the tune of about $110,000. A week after she got it she was loaded up on some drug, lost control and hit a tree splitting the truck in half. They arrested her, but she was back home almost immedietley and we think it was becasue her family paid someone off.

I am 18 too (college student). I had a gun pulled on me in my own front yard once. I have grown up in suburbia Virginia Beach, not a bad area at all. It was a real gun too, I would guess a cheap .22 pea shooter pistol, but still a real gun. I was really scared and my mom was a wreck watching from the window of my house. Cops arrested the kid. It was a kid at my high school. Punks will be punks until the day they pass .... Its still good to hear you are ok.

I lived in Va Bch for a while, and had a shotgun pulled on me by my neighbor. Scared the pi$$ out of me. Sad part was cops wouldn't do anything, and I had to continue living across the hall from him for another 6 months.

People are just going crazy these days!

Punk kids should be taught a lesson. If anyone knows a punk kid have him sign a waiver and I will volunteer my time for lesson teaching. :D

Yes I do. My dad still lives there and I have a sister that lives out by Pajarito. I get back there every couple of years. My brother-inlaw works for UMN, but I don't remember what he does.
Go Ravens. :D

Originally posted by MARTY196
Ray Lobato: Cool man Rio Grande class of 1992
cool place to live been here almost all my life born in california though west covina. You ever come down to albuquerque anymore??

That also happened to me, but I actually got hit by the BB, except I wasn't in a car.