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someone experienced pls help.


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May 26, 2005
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Lynnwood, Wa
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'98 XLT
ok here is my problem... i switched my hu to a panasonic, and i had to get an adapter. i used the cheap wallyword one, and the wiring on it is a lil different, the one coming from the dashboard is full of wires, which dont seem to coordinate with the speaker wiring colors, and the adapter from walmart only uses 9 wires, two each speaker, and one black wire,a ground maybe? this picture shows that it is the same plug with only 9 pins, the rest are non-existant:

crappy pic, but it you look you should be able to make out the 9 pins.
This connects to this:

this has way more wires!?
The stock stereo:

uses all pins, anyone know why?

The thing that i am trying to accomplish is that only one speaker plays, the other three dont. the wires coming in the second pic do not match the wire colors coming outa the door, to the stereo.
is there a diagram somewhere? im lost as to why only one speaker plays...

I replaced my audiophile hu last week with a panasonic cq-c9700u . I also got my wiring harness at wallyworld. The wiring harness came with a wiring diagram that worked out fine. Color for color, eveything was right on.I am having a problem with the speakers cutting out at high volume. Any problem with that? Just curious but what model panasonic did you get?

i dont know the model, the face folds down, has blue lighting and has many options as far as equilizers are concerned, it also has three or four different screen background, moving as well as non moving. your model number looks fam, it was about 350 i think. nope no problem there, i just rewired the explorer so everything goes straight to the hu, a pain but i dont have any interior except two front seats, no carpet or anything. but if you have time, you will have it soo much easier if you do, esp. wiring an amp to your door spkrs.