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Someone has got to show expo5.0 this...

Black Magic

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I just know how he loves his flames! LOL

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there ya go expo, custom molded headliner, i think it would look nice on the doors like some of the hot rodders do

Who's truck is that? My friend has them on his tacoma, and I am planning on getting them sometime this summer after I start working again. I'm planning on doing my seats, headliner, sub box, tailgate and other stuff too. Should be tight and prolly like $1500 too who knows if i'll ever get it done

thats from a f650 4 by 4... yeah, it looks sweet! maybe when i do my headliner this spring i'll look into doing some of that.

btw- how much harder do you think that would be than just doing my headliner regular like? i'm planning on going from green to black which would sort of finish my interior recarpeting and painting unless i do try to add some flames.

If your using tweed, its not too hard, you just have to cut the flames out then glue the tweed over it, but i've heard tweed can be hard to work with at times. I'd go for the flames

from what i've heard though the gluing is the hard part when it comes to headliners. when i comes closer to the time to do it i'll have to decide on a plan, but i already have done a bunch interior work keeping it very simple and stock looking except two tone so i don't know if i want to try and change that up

expo- cant wait to see some newer pics! thats teh thing that always killed me about your otherwise beautiful truck, the interior! glad to hear you feel the same way ;)

well doing more interior painting and adding new carpet isn't flashy or anything, but i think it cleaned it up pretty good while also increasing its functionality. for me it is very important that everything be as functional as possible since my truck is in no way a show truck (in fact its never been in a show) and i use to as a base for everything from golf to fishing to wakeboarding to mountain biking to skiing. Adding black i think is the best of both worlds because it won't get as dirty and it looks much better.

May I ask where you got your black carpet kit? or something close to that. i will post pics of the install and such next week sometime (i'm just home tonight then i go back skiing for another week)

hey drew- i saw an episode of one of those saturday car shows on TNN- it was "Hot Rodding" or something... anyway, they had a how to about doing this exact thing on headliners. i cant remember which friggin show it was on, but its really pretty easy. i watched my cousin do some door panels in flames for a '32 Ford, and it went real quick. its just kinda tricky getting the headliner to stay stuck. gravity is a b!tch ya know.

Do you think you can order that show taped on the tnn website or somethin? I am very interested in doing my interior with some tweed accents. I have a guy that will do my entire interior but we are talking big $$ like $1500+ for seats, dash, doors, panels, headliner, etc.

This is not hard to do. Actually, if the cardboard in your headliner is still good, use it. I have done upholstery work before, and I helped a friend do his. I can't draw flames to save my a$$, but I can do some upholstery work. He drew it out, and I put it together.

-Remove the old material and padding from the cardboard. Make sure to see how much overlay is on the back so when you cut out your new material and foam, you can have enough to cover the edges and staple on the back.
-Use a new piece of foam the same thickness, or a little thinner to cover the cardboard.
-On another piece of foam of the same thickness or larger (and preferably more dense, draw out your flames and cut them out.
-Position your flames on the full piece of foam attached to the cardboard.
-I use 3M spray adhesive (can be bought at most auto stores) - spray the cardboard and large foam and position together. Use the adhesive on both the board and the foam.
-Spray the flames and full foam and glue them into position.
-As you begin to lay your fabric over the flames, try to lay it out over the flames and push into place first before glueing, just to see how the fabric reacts. Next pull the fabric back an spray both the headliner and fabric with glue (don't over do it though) and begin stretching and positioning the material into place. If you have a steamer, or an iron that you can use as a steamer, use it to help push the material around the flames to show their contours. Don't get an iron so hot that it hurts your material.
-When you have it covered, pull the material over the back and staple or brad into place.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps out. I am better at doing than I am explaining, so maybe this makes sense without having any pics to go along with it...

Wow cobraXP, thanks! Those directions seem easy enough, I think im guna buy some tweed and practice on something first to get the hang of it. Can you use other materials than tweed?

Oh yeah - just about any material. I spent the summer after my freshman year with a friend of my dad's learning how to do upholstery. We completely redid a Cessna 182 - from painting to doing the entire interior.

When I first started, I thought it was going to be harder than it actually is. One of the most important things I learned was never rip the old material off - always try and take it off in one piece if possible. That way if you ever have a question, or cut something wrong - you have the original to use as a pattern...

I have been thinking of redoing my doorpanels and headliner this winter as something to do. If I do, I'll make sure to take some pics to make my instructions sound a little less confusing... :confused:

Wait so if I want to do the headliner do I remove everything from it or just the cloth that is up there?

Also, what size foam would u recommend to put on the headlner, and then what size for the flame cutouts?

WEll i practiced a bit today, so pretty soon i should have my headliner as well as a few other items done. i'll let u guys know!

You are supposed to use the hard styrofoam when doing this correct? Does anyone know how hard it is to remove the headliner?

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