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Someone want to explain this: V6 supercharger

So I was browsing Australian Explorer sites tonight and came across this forced induction company's site because it has an imported kit (presumably from the States) for the Ford Explorer...

Ford Explorer V6
Eaton 6psi
200kW (300hp) - at the fly, I assume - 50kW (80hp) increase
AUS$7,476.00 (approx. US$3200)

We have both V6 engines over here, but the OHV wasn't that popular. Also, the vehicle pictured was of the latest model Exp. In Australia, they don't come with the OHV. So I'm assuming that the blower is for the SOHC. Also, the power output would indicate likewise.

While I understand this is pricey (similar to EE's kit), I'm wondering why it's available in Aust now...?

Can anyone shed some light on this, considering the only known kit available is the unfinished EE one? Unless this is one and the same...

I would ring them and get more info, but I'm out of the country at the moment...maybe someone can e-mail or something...

I'd love to find out, and I'm sure a lot of you would too...hurry up, 'cos it's making me kinda happy in my pants...

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They seem to be a reputable company...I'm pretty sure I've heard of them before...

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I say call them and ask them who makes/sells the kit state-side.

they seem to just being buying the various kits that are made state side buy the many difrent companies the make blower kits and selling them over there just putting the name of the blower used not the company originaly from. i have seen most of the kits before on there sites i am pretty shure they are just advertising for the explorer in anticipation of getting the new EE eaton kit.

I heard EE is gonna be asking more like $3500+. wont that be something if you can buy it from Australia cheaper than in California?

looks like they are all installed on the wrong sides :D j/k

So this is a Supercharger for the SOHC 4.0 in like my 2001 Ex Sport. Is this for real and does anyone know if EE is working on one for the SOHC. Thanks Explorer's rule

I see them for sale on right now made by that company do a search they have the kits ready to sell for 3200 or so, but remember the cost off putting it on. You will most likely have to pay someone to do it and it takes a long, long time no matter who does it.

Prepare to spend $4000.00 or more on it and for that money you could just go for an engine swap IMO...

dont get me wrong I would love the supercharger for my X but 4 grand or more???


We're talking about the V6 SOHC applications. Truckperformance has BBK (Eaton) superchargers for the OHV engines which have been available for a long while now.

The SOHC versions have not been fully developed yet (according to the literature) so I was wondering why an Australian company would be advertising one as an imported kit even before anyone in the States.

I've written an e-mail to them and await their reply.


Sorry for the off-topic, but will that bbk kit fit 2000 ohv's? They only list it for up to 98... why?

98+ OHVs have a returnless fuel system. You need to retrofit the older return fuel system to it to make the s/c kit (the computer and FMU from it) work.