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Someone with a SOA conversion please answer!


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February 4, 2002
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Birmingham Al
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99 xlt
I am curious as to the minimum amount of lift a SOA can do. I currently have shackles and AAL, but it rides sort bouncy b/c of the AAL. I would like to ditch the AAL and Shackles in favor of a simple over the axle conversion. It seems like it would ride much better because of the stock leaf pack and such. My FEAR though is that with even just a simple over the axle lift, that my rear will be significantly higher than the front. Right now I have at least 2"...prolly 2.5" of TT in the front, and the rear is still a little higher...but I think it looks good. I think I have about 3-3.5 in the rear now. Someone give me an opinion please? ThankS!!!

The lift is around 5.5" So you're going to be way up there in the back end. I tried to find a way to do it with little lift, i even tried shorter shackles but i could not do it.

Yeah I thought about trying to fab some shorter shackles too...but seems like there might be clearance issues. I wouldn't have my overload spring...which would cut down a little bit, but I think it would still be too tall. Oh well