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something cool with an old rangeR?!


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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
i've got an 86 ranger..its my daily and my 92 sploder i've done some mods too (lift, tires/wheels, intake, exhaust, stereo system) ...i've done some cool stuff with my ranger just for fun to learn a custom switchbox with ****pit style safety switches and interior LEDs..has anyone done anything cool with an old ranger that can gimme ideas?...i saw a guy with my year did half doors..that was awesome...its a 2.3L 4cyl..2wd with a 5spd mazda..i been thinkin about doing a few things like building a console for it..with cupholders n stuff and maybe some LEDs and remount my switchbox...but help me out! really bored does anybody have ideas at all for cool stuff to do? maybe ill do it and post some pics

lately ben thinkin:
- bedline the interior (thers no carpet)
- build that console for it
- white face gauges
- tach (no stock tach)
- custom intake (i'd fabit with some kinda drainpiping or PVC)
- painting a stripe along the side where the body line pre-stencils one for you..its perfect you'd kno if you've seen one ((tight under the handle))
- spraying my bedliner with this treatment stuff that rubberizes it..
- LEds behind the grill
- do-it-yourself tint

any ideas at all?..engine swap? turbo? tonnuea and low pro tool chest? slammed to the ground, undercoated frame with a ford 9in out back and 302 up anything..lets brainstorm!


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You can do this in an old Ranger. I think it's even an '86. ;)


yeha those were those halfdoors i was talkin about..thanks for the input..those are sweet..but i wont be doing any wheeling so im not sure about the practibility of them..but the cool factor is def ther..
anything else?

what kind of leds behind the grill? when i hear that, im thinking impersonating a cop, and thats not good at all

something like that..but not strobes..they'd be steady..strobe would be cop like..but couldnt drive with em on its not really impersonating anyone

im either gunna do something cool with my old ranger..or donate it to im begging for a reason to keep it lol..please help!

4.0L/5 speed/Bw1354
bob the bed
Solid axle or Dana 35 TTB up front, 8.8 inthe rear, lock em up, roll protection, hack the fenders, run 35's and go wheelin!!
thats cool!

Those half doors rock. They are even cooler when they are made with some 2x4"s and 1/4" plywood.

They were great for wheeling but wernt so great for daily driving. What made them bad was when you were going through major elevation and temp changes. Always having to stop to add or subtract layers of clothing got old quick.

haha yeah i bet..410 that would be awesome..but all that kinda time and money and effort would be devoted to my cj7..i jus use the truck daily and i like to fool aorund with it and do little the way..wuts bw1354?..

rockranger i take it thats a pic of your truck orr?

Yes, that was RockRanger #1.

That ugly thing would go places it shouldn't have made it with bald 33s.

haha thats awesome man..and i'd do it if i had a 4x4 for sure

at this looks liek the lil ranger is gunna be up for sale