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Something Different


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August 10, 2011
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Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Late Build 02 V6 4x4 XLT
I officially said good bye to the Explorer the other day. Sold it in favor of my new vehicle, a 1997 Taurus SHO. Faster, more fun, and louder. The Explorer was good to me but it was time for a change, I'd spent enough time and money on it and wanted something different. Maybe someday I will return to an Explorer, most likely a Gen 4 with the 4.6.

The SHO runs great and has absolutely no rust since its a southern car, cams were already welded and its had the mufflers removed, sounds amazing.
I did manage to stay with the same color, as you can see below.


Go back and get me the bumper off the ex you sold. The front one. I'll say thanks when it's at my door.....thanks in advance though.

Enjoy the SHO.