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Sony Xplod Amp for Sale! Plus install tips for 95+ explorers


March 8, 1999
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Denver, CO
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'96 EB
This is a mint SONY car amplifier I purchased in July 99'. I bought the amp but found out it is way to much power for my single 8" sub. I am therefore selling this amp, used only for 3 days, and in mint condition. This monster amp runs cool, and can drive loads down to 1-ohm. I have the terminal cover and a set of fuses. This amp is big, 1 so the shipping is for 12 Lbs. It is wrapped in the original box with the manual included. I will aid the install with phone support. I am just selling it since I have another amp running now. It is a good deal.
Here are SONY's specs:
<P>Voltage/current selectable rail power supply from 4 to 1 ohm
<P>225 w x2 into 4 ohm
<P>600 w x1 bridged at 4 ohm
<P>300 w x2 into 2 ohm
<P>50-200 Hz hi/lo-pass filter
<P>Adj. 40 Hz low freq. EQ
<P>High-current MOSFET output transistors
<P>MOSFET power supply
<P>Line-level & speaker level inputs
<P>Suggested $449.95 <P><B>This amp sells in Crutchfield for 399.99 and is availible for 350 obo. Email is

96' Eddie Bauer v8/awd

great.. now someone is selling a decent high power 2 channel amp after I spend all my money on new gears and a locker. I'm running a sonly 754 (75 watts x 4) in my 92 and to give a comparision, I have the gains of the Sony Amp turned all the way down so they don't over power my 400 watt rms Sub amp running on a single Diamond Audio Tech Pro 12. If I still had the cash I would pick it up in an instant. This amp would be great for a pair of 12's.. or just great if you like extra power for a single very high powered Sub (my Diamond Audio Tech Pro 12 is good to 400 watts in a .625cu ft box)

If you don't sell it in a month, let me know, I may have spare money by then.


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