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Soon2bSick's StallioNeer

Wow that looks like a whole new truck!!

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Wow that looks like a whole new truck!!

Hey thanks man,

I really like how it turned out, and with the running boards gone it looks more like an SUV and less like a mini van to me.

Tomorrow I need to change the fuel filter (now that I have the dang tools) and test the power going to my cigarette lighter to see if just replacing it will fix it.

Little by little this thing is molding into my kinda rig, Now all I need is some more cash flow because I just found the thread about changing the AWD to 4X4 ha


good lookin truck! Painting is one of my favorite things to do :)

good lookin truck! Painting is one of my favorite things to do :)

Thanks slowly :)

I would of rather been painting the interior pieces but that will come eventually.... sigh so many little money

console pull

pulled my console today, you can see some of the crap I found under it in this thread here Why you should pull your console

Gonna clean it up.. maybe paint something.. not sure yet


My 'neer is dreaming ha

Some day it'll wear boots this big.. some day


Well I must say I got quite a bit done today on the 'Neer. And have lots of pictures to share

To start the day off me and my father got to taping off the truck and started to paint the plastic pieces on the truck

I did the bumper and my dad was working on the side pieces
(My dad is indian... and for some reason I am nowhere NEAR as tan as he is haha)


Shot of how faded the plastics are


moving along


Painted the wiper cowls


Took this off :)





We decided the best temporary fix for the holes was to run some metal AC tape over them and paint over until I decided the permanant solution




And finally...

The end result :)



I'm really happy with how it turned out, My only complaint is that I used the wrong paint. The Duplicolor trim paint (which is what I used) is great for the wiper cowls/mirrors ect. But as far as the side pieces it really didn't hold well. So next time I'm gonna do more prep work and use a different paint

tell me what you guys think

hey know this is old, but i just got an EB explorer pretty cheap and was gonna take off the running boards and flares, just wondering how the tapes holding up over the wholes, and how hard was it to get the boards off, any signs of rust or anything where the holes used to be, have you found a more permenant solution yet?

Tape is holding up fine but if you paint it dont take it to the car wash and spray it with the high pressure sprayer because the paint blows right off lol. Its simple to get them off, had mine off in 20 minutes (both) just a few bolts and they pop off. I had no rust but im not in the north like you so I cant make any promises on what you will find. I havent found a permanent solution yet, but I havent looked for one. this has worked just fine for me and no one has noticed that its tape there