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August 14, 2019
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2008 Ford Explorer XLT
I am brand new to this forum, thank you for accepting me to this forum. This is my first post!

I have a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 V6, 4WD. It has 130,000 miles. Here is the list of electrical symptoms I have had recently

- starting a month ago it took a few more cranks than usual to start up
-the fob would not work intermittently
-when turned on the odometer would read 0 miles, the gas tank would say it is full when it wasn't and it would only return to actual readings after it is turned back on a few times. This only happened 3 times over the course of the month.
-the unlock button from inside the car on the door would not work intermittently
-the air bag symbol remains on while driving when I am driving for the whole duration
-a few days ago it got worse and then I turned it off for the last time and went to turn it up and it did not flip.

-Battery was shot and heavily corroded.
-Got a jump from my friend's new car. it didn't jump after waiting 10 minutes. Left in my work lot overnight. Thought it was the starter maybe. radio and some lights went on from this attempt.
-This morning we jumped it with a jump starter box and nothing.
-hit the starter with a wrench and the starter is receiving no amperage.
-got a new battery and installed it and NOTHING.
-when the key is in the ignition the CHECK CHARGING SYSTEM light is on.

That is where I am at right now. I have a starter waiting for pick up but I dont think it is the starter. Dont think it is the alternator since we got a new battery and nothing happened. I think it is a deep rooted electrical problem. Any ideas???


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August 27, 2015
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Ann Arbor, MI
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2010 XLT 4WD
2002 XLS 2WD
You need to find a shop with a decent code reader--the more expensive, the better, and preferably a Ford - specific model. You can try Forescan and a cheap OBD II bluetooth reader, but not sure that will read the modules you need. I'd suspect the instrument clustor module, maybe PATS, and maybe a bad ignition switch. Hard to say, though.