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Sound Dampening


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March 6, 2003
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LA / San Diego, CA
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97 sport
Well Ive decided to add some sound dampening to my Sport. Heres a few questions:

Goal: To eliminate road noise (not to try to stop ratteling)

First: Product

- Im looking at either Fatmat, Brown Bread, or Peel -N- Seal.
(anyone with any experience with these (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated.)

Second: Where to apply
(To achieve the most utility in blocking out road noise which areas should I apply)

Heres what I was thinking (in order of importance)

Both doors
floor pans
firewall area

any others?

Finally: Quantity
how much do you think Id need? 100sqft? 36sqft? somewhere in between?

Thank to all those who help

1. Put as much as you can directly around all the speakers first, including the woofer.
2. I'd say the tailgate and the cargo area would be on my list next.

The firewall and floor pans have some insulation that helps with deading.
The headliner would be last on my list.

Do you have any wind noise from your doors and windows? Get that fixed first.

I used Peel-n-Seal.

I have 2 layers down on the floor panels, and 1 on the sides. I might add another layer to each. I have yet to do the hatch, or doors, but they are next on my list. I will definitly add ATLEAST 1 layer to the ceiling. You would be surprised at how much noise comes through the ceiling/headliner area.

You can use some scissors, or a box knife, the product handles EASY, and I NEVER smelled a bit of tar/asphalt that some people have claimed. Even after I heated it up (almost req'd for a GOOD, permanent adhesion) with my heatgun.


I have a 98 Sport (2 door). Here's what I did. I got 100 sq ft of fatmat, and two cans of undercoating/bedliner. I took off the plastic door panels, and gave the inside of the doors a good coat of undercoating. Once it was dry, I put fatmat in place of that thin plastic weather barrier (between the plastic door panel and the door). Then I put fatmat EVERYWHERE else: 1 layer on the roof, 2 layers on the entire floor, 2 layers on the rear hatch. It made an amazing difference. I have a flowmaster, and on the highway, it is now quieter than my dad's stock Ex.
My Ex. (before fatmat) was quieter than my wife's '02 cavalier, but I guess that's not saying much. That thing is so cheap, there is no insulation on the floor, just carpet. Although there was a little under the front carpet. Since I couldn't really afford to get the fatmat again, I got $25 worth of 2" thick housing insulation, and put it everywhere: doors, floor, trunk, under rear seat, and headliner. I think it worked better than the fatmat. I think her car may now be quieter than the ex.