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sound deading material


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July 2, 2002
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I've heard that Lowes or someone has some insulation stuff that some people have used like dynamat to fix the rattles and such...anyone know what its called?

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Here is the post where they were talking about using other materials. Hops this what you are looking for.
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If the rattling is from subs, you may want to consider a custom box like I have. The subs fire at the floor and it really cuts down on the rattling. Regardless of what people say, they firing down does not seem to take away from volume ( I tried facing the subs at the tailgate too). You can hear the rattle from the outside, but its not too noticeable inside.

You can find a pic or two in there

Do a search for my username and the words "high temp mastic" for a thread I posted last year about a low cost alternative to Dynamat.


k...thanks guys ;)