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Sound, Volume question


April 30, 1999
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I just recently installed a Sony disc changer. It works well but the volume level is much lower than the radio. Does anyone know what might be the problem. Everytime I use the changer I have to have the volume up higher than when I use the radio (about 3or4 bars) on the level indicator. Thanks


Do you have an amp that is common to both units? If so, you may have the stereo hooked thru a pre-amplifier input in the amp and have the changer connected differently. This could cause the difference in volume. Do you have a balance or fader control on the changer that is turned down? If all else fails, try taking it back and see if another one gives the same problem. Could be a difference in the output level of one vs. the other.


91 XLT 4x4

I belive there is nothing wrong with your cd player or your head unit fm signals when coming in, in stereo are have a higher sensitivity then cd play I believe it could be from that there might be an fm booster in your stereo. this is nothing to worry about I have the top of the line eclipse model cost about 700 bucks but it doesnt even has an internal amp I hooked up a 5 channel external amp and my radio is still louder then my cd play but not by much. And that is because my cd player has a very high signal to noise ratio.