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spacer lift, rear lower control arm


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March 13, 2010
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Sneads Ferry, NC
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2001 Excursion PSD
has anyone found a way to move the rear lower control arm back so its centered in the wheel well? i realize than when the rear tires flex the control arm moves back and up into the wheel. just a question out of curiosity for those who plan to run a btf lift for pure aesthetics and no functionality(lifted grocery getter)

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Ah okay. I was thinkin some sort of angled shackle that mounted to the frame and stuck out maybe an inch or two and then bolt the lower control arm to that?

Hmm maybe.

You'd have to make sure the angles are the same on both pivot points of the LCA at the frame...otherwise you could get binding.

Don't forget you might have to also find a way to change the angle of the lower strut mounting bolt as well as the top of the strut.

Swaybar links might need to be extended also.

The toe links might have enough pivot in them to accommodate without changes.

Just seems like a lot of work for a minor change in appearance, but good luck if you try it :thumbsup:;)

I was thinking just throw a solid axle on the rear :D

looks like were stuck with a bad ass grocery getter ... at least we look cool doing it lol ;)

I was thinking just throw a solid axle on the rear :D

There are some members in the process of doing a SAS. Search for em.

Look at, redrilling the front hanger a little lower and out/back. That should relieve some of the angle to bring it back a little.