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Spare Tire Roof Rack


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April 10, 2008
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'00 XLT SOHC Auto AWD V6
Whats the best "cheap" way someone has mounted a spare on thier roof? I've seen many pictures here on the board but cannot find adaptors or roof racks anyware online, or much info here on the forums. Can anyone point me in the right direction or help me out?

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Tell us what you have on your roof now. No roof rack? Just the rails? Or the rails and crossbars?
You can buy a yakima megawarrior that comes with adapters for the factory crossbars.
10% off through tomorrow.
Coupons for that website
This is where I ordered my rack from, good service. You can also get the tire mount, shovel and hi-lift mounts, etc from that site.

some people just put the tire snug between the 2 stock cross bars and a net or bungee cords to hold it in place/or somt how to tie it down.

I have the factory roof rack and rails. and also dont want to spend $400 on a spare tire holder, id rather just not have one and call my roadside assistance when i have a blow out or somthing.

Il see what i can come up with fabing something myself... post pics if it works

I used to just sit it on the roof between the rails on our 1st gen.. I used a ratched strap to hold it down...

Since then I got a basket for the roof from Costco.. They were < $60 shipped when I got it.. (Coleman brand).. I don't think they still carry them..

Its basically the same idea now.. it sits in the basket and I use a ratchet strap to hold it in.. it lifted my CG some by putting it in the basket.. but I was also able to put a single gas can in the basket with it.. It looks a little cleaner in the basket since I only have a single ratchet strap going on direction to hold it down when I had it going multiple ways to keep it down when it was flat on the roof.

Eventually the tire will go on the back of the truck but until then, this works...

With it sitting on the roof..

In the basket... (with the gas can in there too).

Here it is from the side.. with no gas can..


Yeah dont have to worry about this anymore, my rear passanger tire decieded to have some wierd ass slow leak that doesnt leak from anyware until im driving, and then i get about 5 minutes before its empty. So the spares on now. Oh and by the way, trying to figure out for the first time ever how the hell to drop the spare out in the dark is definatly not fun, expecially when the mount is rusted to the inside of the rim. But atleast i got the tire outta there, lots more room to hide away the rear neon tube, and probably less wieght, but with the speaker box back there id be lucky if im breaking even.
thanks for everyones help tho!