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Spare Tire Size?


January 25, 2009
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As some of you may have seen from an earlier post of mine, i screwed up one of my rims with a runin with a curb. Slight rim damage so i thought, hell i'll just throw my spare on until i can get it to a the dealer (Tuesday).

I came home right before the blizzard and swapped out to the spare. Took it for a ride and noticed all kinds of droning, thumping, etc.

Brought it home and looked at the spare again and its a 17" rim. I have an '07 Limited with the 235/65/R18 wheels on it.

Is that right? Anyone else have an '07 and know the size of their spare? I thought our trucks had full size spares that could be swapped out?

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What is the tire size? The tire may actually be the same diameter even with the 17" wheel.

There's usually a max tire size that will fit between the frame rails. My dad's ranger has 16" rims and the spare is a 15" with a considerably smaller tire.
235/65/R18 is a 30" tire, maybe 29" is the max that will fit in the spare location. I know my XLT has the same size (235/70/R16) in the spare, but it's a 29".

If it was the same diameter, then the matching spare would fit between the frame rails wouldn't it?
If you have 18's and the spare is a 17, and you hear "things" going on with your truck..its telling you something. You should make absolute sure that the spare is the exact same height or you could really screw some stuff up if you ran it long. Remember that your truck uses your abs sensors to detect wheel spin and engage/disengage your transfercase. So, if that spare is smaller, and its on the front, get it off there and move it to the back..but only very temporarily. Go get the right sized rim or get your damaged one repaired pronto.

this is a big issue in our vehicles , spare size has to be the same as the one you take off, especially if it is an AWD, or control trac, , as the abs sensors will be telling the G E M that the wheels are not turning at the same speed, and be engaging the t case at weird intervals,
if it is 4 auto that makes it even worse,,
i would say if the clipped rim is not bent or leaking air, i would put it back on and closely watch the pressure in it, just to make sure you don't muck up something else,

I did put the clipped rim back on, its going to dealer on Tuesday so i'll just roll till then. Likely going to make insurance claim as i think i bent control arm as well. So between new rim, new control arm, alignment and labor, it should be much more then my $500 deductible. We'll see.

Thanks for the info!

Might want to figure the insurance surcharge into your eqation (if that applies).
If the repairs are $800, and you have to pay $500 deductable anyway..think about if this would trigger surcharges in the next 3 - 5 years. You pay $300 more now, but do not get hit with the surcharges, it might not be worth the hassel of filing a claim.