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spark plug and coil question

El Duque

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August 12, 2002
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My 2010 EB with the 4.6 is at around 110,000 miles so I figure it's time for plugs. I've been poking around on the forums and it looks like it's a good idea to replace the coils as well, so I went to rockauto and saw that Motorcraft coils were $49 each! So I googled the MSD coil packs and I saw around $250. If it really is that expensive I'd rather not do the coils, so I'm wondering if that would be foolish?

Also, I'd rather stick to OEM for parts and rockauto only has Motorcraft "double platinum" plugs for about $8 a piece. It says they last "3x" longer but I'm not really worried about that so I'm curious if would be a waste of money and if there were better plugs for the same money? Thanks

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Stick with Motorcraft. I used aftermarket stuff and it caused lots of issues. The tritons are very finicky about the ignition parts.
Yes, do coils as well at that mileage, and yes-they are expensive (Motorcraft).
In one case the dealer wanted to put new tranny for 4-5K in my truck, and all it needed were few new coils. Bad coils will make the engine miss without triggering the CEL or any codes. It will feel like either the tranny is going south or the torque converter is bad. Most cases none of that. Just old coils.

I just replaced all my plugs with E3's about 6 weeks ago, or 5K miles. All is great so far and got some mpg's back! As far as coils go, I researched this heavily before attempting due to all the issues. The general consensus seemed to be not to replace the coils unless you are having issues as new ones, even MSD ones will not gain you anything. So I just left the original coils and all is good.

These coil over plugs provide a hotter spark and are a good thing however they go thru some extreme temperature cycles that all translate into eventual failure. With 110k they may be working now but will eventually break down. I tow with both my Explorer (was a 2006 now a 2010) and 07 Expedition which has same design and cannot wait until issues present themselves. In both my 06 and 07 when I hit the ~ 100k mark I did both the plugs (OEM) and coils (not OEM) and had no issues. While the 06 is now gone replaced by a ’10 (only 60k miles!) my 07 Expedition is still going strong on the new plug and coils and I have put another 30K on it, most all it towing at 85 to 90% capacity.

So it just depends on your situation and what you are comfortable with: waiting for issues (which could be never!) or preventive. Please let us know what you decide and why...

Thanks guys! I decided to just do the plugs and save some money. I got the NGK Iridium plugs and it was extremely easy to change them, I couldn't believe how easy. Each plug creaked a little bit but came right out. I put some anti-seize on the threads and torqued to 9 ft/lbs. Purrs like a kitten now. Thanks again.