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Spark Plug Help!


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August 7, 2002
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Arica, Chile
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92 XLT, 2002 XLT
Hi guys:

I need to replace my X spark plugs, but the original model, with copper point (Motorcraft ASWF 42C) are no longer available in my country.
There's a problem if I replace them with the platinum point spark plugs (Motorcraft ASWF 42P)?
I really need to replace them ASAP. One of my spark plugs (the No. 3 cilynder, that annoying one) is absolutely ruined (the electrode is melted to tle point). A F*** mechanic leave it loose and the engine run like crap.

Any advice will be welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

Andy :fire:

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I know that the Part # is 42PP but I was told that the 42FM's I thought were wrong were infact also on the ford sub. list.

check 42PP or 42FM

Alto, you right, the part number is 42PP. So, do you know if something will go wrong if I change the old 42C spark plugs of my X and put those 42PP?

By the way, Trinity is a nice ride, man. Congrats.

Andy :chug:

Thanks Trinity is always a work in progress.
I found that the part # 42PP is located on the sticker under the hood.(the long one above the fan shroud)
Take a look at what it says. maybe the 42C is a sub. Could also be an emissions thing.
What is your local Dealer/shop saying.

Well, the daler says that the AWSF 42C is no longer available in Chile. In the sticker under the hood of my X (XLT 4x4 92') the spark plug is the above mentioned.
However, I've check in the Motorcraft website ( and the AWSF 42PP is also indicated to replace the ASWF 42C as "premium/platinum point spark plug", for 91' and 92' Explorers.
So, I assume that this type of spark plug is OK for my Explorer.
Alto, the license plate in Trinity is an arabic one? That picture of your ride was taken in Saudi Arabia?


Andy :chug:

Yes the plate is from Saudi Arabia.
I work over here with Boeing/Dynacorp.

Been here a few years, but not much more now!

Yeah, I got it. Too risky, right?
Those damn Al Quaeda terrorists are everywere :fire:
Well, finally I change the spark plugs of my X by myself with the platinum point type and so far everything is just fine. In fact the engine runs smoother and the power and mileage increases notoriously.
I just finish a 1.500 miles trip in two days through a desertic area (The Atacama Desert, here in Chile, the dryiest in the world) and my X don't make me more that been deeply happy.

nice rides and a happy return home.

Andy :chug: