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Spark Plug Removal issue


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July 2, 2018
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98 Explorer V8 AWD
Dora the explorer
Okay so back a year or so ago i did all the plugs on my 98 5.0. All went well, they were likely original, but came out fine, all except for one. On the passenger side, third one towards the cab, there is a sleeve around the spark plug. Number 4 has this as well. The sleeve on 3 is deformed on the very inside, just so that i cant get my spark plug socket on the plug at all! Any ideas on how to get the plug out?

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Are you talking about the heat shields on the wires?

No not on the wires, its a little like cover thing, around the spark plug itself. Sleeve is connected to the block, and the front two plugs on that side dont have it.

You can see at the top, its bent in, and preventing the socket from going on.

Grab that shield with a large pair of pliers, and give it a serious wiggle. It’s a wedge fit, and will come out.

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Only got it out now, the sleeve put up a heck of a fight, only to find something is messed up with the head!!! There was a spot on the head that was cast wrong, or rusted. Tried to blow out with air pressure or pick it and would not budge. Had to shave down a socket just to get it out, and barely did even by doing that!! Top it all off spark plug looks different, idk if that is normal, had less threads.
The one on the left has less threads, thats what came out, the middle is one from another cylinder that was replace a year or two ago, and right one is new

Looks fine to me. They are just different plugs.

Hopefully you didn’t cross thread it because that sleeve wasn’t allowing a straight shot. Next time, just pull the thing out. You can spread them out and tap them back in. It looks like that one was removed and whoever put it back in made it too much of a wedge shape.

i got the sleeve out, before I took the plug out, but the plug did not come out as easy as it should have, and the new one went in the same way.