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Spark plug stuck


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August 1, 2013
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2006 Explorer Limited
I have read a bunch of threads on here about stuck or broken spark plugs. I have a 2006 Explorer Limited with the V8. I got one spark plug out ok, but on the 2nd one I wasn't so lucky. The hex head threaded part came out but the rest of the spark plug is still intact and stuck in the hole. What is the recommended best way to get that thing out? The car has 105K miles on it and I bought it with 45K on it. The plugs are Motorcraft and I'm betting original. Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated.

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Common Issue with that 4.6 Liter Engine. Look up this tool on amazon and youtube lisle 65600 do a search for Ford 4.6 spark plug broken and you will find a ton of info on how to resolve your issue. Also look up Ford TSB 08-7-6. Good Luck!

I have one for sale in the for sale section where you from?

Will that tool work on a 302?