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Spark Plug Tool?


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June 28, 2002
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Brentwood, TN
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'98 XLT
I have a '98 XLT 4.0L SOHC and thought I would replace the plugs before we take our summer vacation. I decided to pull a plug and look at it so I tried my spark plug socket on the center plug on the driver side. I can't seem to get my socket around the plug. Is there a special tool required? I have a Craftsman spark plug socket (I don't think it is metric ... have they changed spark plugs to metric?). I also had a thinner walled spark plug wrench that is basically a formed tube and it won't fit either.

Thanks for your help!!


I have never had that problem but i recently helped a friend change his spark plugs on his porsche and the spark plug socket did not fit. We just used a deep drive socket that would fit. It won't have the rubber insert so you have to be careful that you don't drop it.

Wrong size socket

I went by the auto parts store and saw the size of the plug. My spark plug socket was much larger. I bought a new socket and everything is great!!



Hey for what it is worth:
the passenger side plugs, as we all know, are a real PITA!!
I found a short extension for my 3/8 drive at was only about 1" was a nothing little thing.
After trying every combination of the ton of sockets I have, I just could not get a clear distance for the socket wrench to swing. Swivel and wobbles work, but I felt better about not cracking a plug. There is some horizontal pipe right in the way. It gave me just the right distance from the plug so I could swing the socket.
Why struggle for a few bucks? It’s a big enough pain to pull the tire and splash pad!
It was just the trick me.

I also found another little item:
A ratcheting disc - round thing about 1" 1/2 in dia, for a 3/8 drives( they have for 1/4 and 1/2 too) Its nice to get the plugs (and hard to get out bolts) started and drive em in snug. Obviously it a ratcheting twisting action that you can spin things hand tight in hard to get places and minimize a cross thread disaster.
It was swap meet item, about $4 but if I'm sure Snap-On and the other "big guys" have em too.

Saved me a few band aids and the use of a lot of 4 letter words and impulsive comments of the maternal origins everything in sight haha....cause you know everything breaks when the temperature hits 90 degrees with matching humidity.... and you finger and hand joints bend only so far without major pain.

Unless you are Robo Cop or a Borg drone....not likey

Just something I thought I would share.