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Spark Plug Wires


September 23, 1999
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hey guys, i wanted to change my stock spark plug wires and i was wondering what i should get and i was also wondering where i could purchase them at. Thanks for your help

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I bought excell extreme 9000 wires they very good probably the best wire out there down fall is there 70 dollars I also put in bosch platinum 4's but if I had it to do all over again I would have spent about 40 dollars on the cheap stuff instead of 110 dollars on good stuff the performance difference just is'nt worth the money!!! just my opinion.

I got Splitfire Duel cores for $50 and running Bosch Platinum+4 plugs. I feel this combination works well. I would assume that any good set of aftermarket plug wires will work well with the Bosch.

im runnin' bosch platinum +4's and jacobs wires( i really like the wires and plug combo) dont know about everyone else but i had a real tuff time finding wires. called jacobs direct and bought them over the phone. i think they ran about 65. but i think it was a great investment!

93XLT 4X4 4DR.

I am running all Splitfire in my 92. The plugs and wires have done just fine from what I can tell. I have Bosch plugs and splitfire wires in my 92 Ranger though, and wished I had all Splitfire in it to. I would stick with the Splitfires.

Brian Green
92 2wd Explorer w/
6 inch Suspension lift
92 2wd Ranger w/
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