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Spark plug


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June 9, 2009
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'01 EB
OK this is not a which is better question. I was changing my plugs and noticed that 3 of the 4 plugs on the drivers side had short threads and the plugs I got at OReillys all had long threads. I'm getting ready to start the passenger side but wanted to throw this out any comments? Thanks.

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Oops sorry about that. I have a 2001 with the 5.0 AWD.

3 of the 4 plugs on the drivers side
Actually my fault, should have caught that. Either way, OEM Motorcraft or Autolite highly recommended by most. GL

The short threads are the OE Ford ones (not Motorcraft) - they are short so they can be installed with an automatic tool. Bad part is that that's exactly where the rust will form.
The replacement ones are full thread.

For more info about this see here (by the OE manufacturer):

Thanks Sonic, excellent info. Surprised you didn't "plug" NGK Iridiums. ;)

OP's best answer is to use the "long" thread plugs, Autolite APP104 or XP104 preferred.

Sweet! That's what I wanted to hear. Now if I can only get my one plug that had rusted and twisted in half. I about threw my ratchet across the yard.

Well a buddy brought an easy out and we put a torch on it and luckily it came out. Thanks for the plug info!