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spark plugs??


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October 15, 2008
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92explorer&94 ranger
i have the 95tm heads on a 92 lower and wonder witch plugs everyone likes and runs? i also have heard if i run a colder plug with 93 gas that it would help with detonation since it is a 10:1 is this true and how much colder should it be?i also have the accel coil pack and they say you can adjust the gap larger,how much?what gap is everyone running?:scratch::scratch:

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...I think the reason you have not gotten any replies is that this is a repetitive question with numerous, previous post...:(

...Do a search in the "Under the Hood" section...There are a ton of splark plug threads...

but none referring to detonation and colder plugs and I don't want to double post
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If the manufacturer of the coil pack says you can open up the gap further, then they should also have the information to how much further you can...

As for plugs, just go with what most people recommend... which are the stocks. They work perfect for what the engine needs.

As for threads referring to detonation and spark plugs, there are plenty. Just type
"spark plugs detonation" in teh search box, and read away...