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July 21, 2000
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I'm currently running Autolite platinums and they are about 8 months old. What plugs are you using? Splitfires: any good? Worth the money"
And lastly, Plug gaps: anyone going a little wider?

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Most people here have agreed upon using the Bosch Platinum +4's, they run about $6/plug, but do really well. As for wires the Splitfire Dual Mag core wires are matched well for the plugs for about $50. The gap for the +4's are preset and I'm sure there is a way to mess with the setting on them, but without knowing for sure how to do it, I left mine alone.

The truck has more power, a little better gas mileage and runs very smooth. I had a slight problem with my voltmeter dancing. After this install, there was no more dancing and my 'disco lights' seemed to disappear.

Woth the money? bet!

I'm running NGK Platinum, gapped at 0.060, and Jacobs Electronics wires. Improved seat of the pants performance and getting about 1 MPG better fuel mileage. Also idles smoother. And no dancing gauges. ;)

I use Bosch Platinum +4's and Magnacore 8.5mm wires. It works for me.
The general consenseous is that the Splitfire plugs are all hype and not worth the money, but many here really like their wires.

I'm running Autolite Platinums with a gap of 0.060" and Jacobs wires. A definite improvement. I've heard both Splitfires and Bosch +4s aren't worth the money, but have no first hand experience.

Motorcraft platinum plugs, motorcraft wires, and gap as specified 54. I have never heard a reasonable argument to gap differently that called for. Ignition sytems are something that Ford does very well.

Bosch Platinum 4+'s with 9mm custom wires from Made a BIG difference. I could really feel the difference.

Motorcraft double plats @ .48. Mine are also one heat range cooler than stock due to the nitrous and supercharger. I've found the Motorcraft plugs work best for me.

Originally posted by Alec
Motorcraft double plats @ .48. Mine are also one heat range cooler than stock due to the nitrous and supercharger. I've found the Motorcraft plugs work best for me.

Wow you run Double platinums in a Supercharged and Nitrous engine? The first line in my Vortech manual states not to use Platinums, mainly because the small tip can't hold up to the added cylinder pressures.

I use NGK plugs TR55's gapped at .035. I gap mine that low to help the igintion system overcome the added pressures. ALso to ignite al the extra fuel. Later Doug904.

I've been running Motorcraft's standard plugs with no problems at all. I can't remember the wires I'm running, but they work great too. I was told by more than one shop to use the Motorcraft plugs because of problems with NGK's and Champions. I will be changing plugs and wires before winter though, both are over two years old with about 60,000mi on them. And if its worth anything, I was getting about 24mpg on the highway and 18 around town. Can't complain about that.