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Spdrcer34 is going V8!....

Parts are starting to show up...but I am stuck on the L&L Mounts....


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I called L&L, and they are exchanging the 2WD for the 4WD ones.

I installed the rear-end today. And I pulled it (literally) out of the garage for the first time in almost exactly a year.

`92 Front end, and headlamps..and a `97 Firewall....I think it looks AWESOME!



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that is awesome, alot of work just to get to there!

Come on L&L mounts!

Jamie or Matt,

What are you guys using for Power Steering lines?

I remember reading about some slight bending to the OEM lines....but I can't find the specifics.


The stock one had the right fitiings but was way too short. I bought a new stocker and had it lengthened about 9 inches at a hydraulic place. Like 10$

I just read this whole thread all the way through. I have to say WTG ya'll. This stuff right here is awesome. Not to hijack, but i'm planning on dropping in a 5.0HO from an 89 Mustang into a 94 X here shortly. I can only hope it goes half as smoothly as this build has.:D:thumbsup:

my stock ps line fit just fine but you have to bend it. I used the L&L mounts as well but with no spacers like seth247 did so it depends on your set up really.

I just got off the phone with L&L, and they shipped out my 4WD (even though I am 2WD)lower mounts on Thursday. And I should recieve them THIS Thursday. Which is good, as it is my day off!


So the UPS guy was on my street @ 10am last Thursday. I walked outside and he was delivering a package 2 doors down. I thought, "Cool. I'll get the mounts nice and early".


He drove on by and waved at me. So I call L&L, and get the tracking number. I call go to UPS.com and they tell me it is "Out for Delivery". I go and run some errands, and come back...NOTHING.

At 7:30PM the EXACT same UPS guy comes to the house, honks his horn and I walk out to get my package. I asked him if he had the package on the truck in the morning, or did he have to go back to the depot and get another truck load. He tells me he had it on the truck. He knew he had to deliver the package to me. And he knew that that is why I was waiting in my driveway for him. But he is on a VERY strict route. And any deviation from the route could result in him getting fired. He said his boss can check his route at any time, by looking at the info transmitted through that electronic clipboard thing the guys carry. They also can check the truck via GPS. He told me that on some days he will drive in 3 LARGE circles throughout an 11 hour day on his route. Instead of 1 large route that can be completed in 8-9 hours. Whatever. I got my package.

And TODAY....


It is sitting on the (partially tightened) L&L mounts. But none-the-less...IT IS INSTALLED


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Here is the Upper Mount, on the Drivers Side that I had to modify for this 'boss' on the block


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Here is the `97 Engine Installed in the `92.



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Very good, it will be fun to drive for a long time. Clean engine bay and OEM looks, I like it.

Oh, and the best part is:

The motor and transmission were bolted together. From the time we jacked the motor up off the ground, to the motor getting bolted in only took about an hour.

We started with the Rear-end jacked up in the air. Which lowers the Radiator/Core Support. Once we got the motor over the Core Support, we jacked the X back up to get a bit more clearance UNDER the car. Then we pushed the engine into place, jacked the transmission up, and undid the rear chain on the Engine Leveler that was running into the firewall. Once that chain was undone, it literally dropped right into the mounts.

Couldn't be happier with the mounts....and the install, so far. TMH's are supposed to be here soon.


Super awesome!

That ups thing explains alot.

I dont know why l&l doesn't design there mounts around that plug boss on the block. I avoided with my 1 1/2" spacers but it seems a dum mistake for them to have made.

Just a thought, while you can easily. Try to seal up the seam around the freeze plugs, say at least add some RTV there. It takes along time for them to corrode there and leak, but it is a pain when they do. Try to seal the seams so air doesn't get to the block any longer there. Night,

I installed a 1" Phenolic Spacer from TrickFlow. And it caused a LOT of clearance issues with my hood. It pushed my IAC valve up, and overall it stuck up about 1.5" above the fender line.

I flipped the throttle body 180 deg. and now the IAC is on the bottom. Pics will be posted later.

The hood is installed, and all is clear.

All I am waiting on now is the TMH's.


Pics from the last couple days...


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More pics...



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