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Speaker choices


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June 29, 2001
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'99 Sport
Im currently building my x's sound system. A couple of months ago i purchased and installed the pioneer deh-p4300 for a HU. I now want to replace the stock speakers. I was thinking of getting really nice three-way speakers like polk dx7's for the front doors and decent two-way speakers like pioneer ts-a6855's for the back. What does anyone think of these choices. I eventually plan on adding a cd-changer and amp/sub. I may end up powering the speakers with an amp... not sure.

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that sounds like a great idea. the polk dx7s are awesome speakers. they sound great even off the headunits power. the pioneers are pretty good too. they'll do just fine for the rear fill.

stay with the same brand for all around because then it will sound better.

Originally posted by superman
stay with the same brand for all around because then it will sound better.

why would you say that??

i've seen many SQ competition cars that have different speakers in them, and they are trying to get the best sound quality. the polks are obviously much better, but the pioneers will only be the rear fill. the front stage is the most important.

Thanks for your opinion, leenjen. I think you understand what i was going for with the quality front stage and rear fill. After talking to a few others, ive decided to go with the speakers i mentioned. I cant wait to get them in and see how they sound. Thanks again.

The polks are definately a good decision. Hope it all sounds great, good luck.

I just put some pioneer TS-A6855 6x8's in all my doors and they sound incredible. They are custom fit for ford cars too,

i said keeping with the same brand because most speakers dont sound alike they have a little different sound so you dont want to have it different all around your car. and if the two different brands have a much different sound it will be a little weird listening too.

I've got POLK 357a 5x7 's on order for my 94 . Just sticking with the factory head unit . I'll post on how the system sounds when I get it installed. I'm replacing all 4 speakers.

UM AA MAn, I dont think you are goin to notice much a difference with just he new speakers. I have those polk speakers and i ordered them with a head unit, but the speakers came in first, so i put them in with my stock HU and i didnt notice much of a difference. But when i put my new primeir 430 in, it was alot better than the stock sound.

Dear Kid ,

Those were 572a 's by the way. I sure hope I notice a difference. Don't want to change the head unit and go completely audiophile .I think my old stock speakers may be hurting to boot. Usually any quality speaker replacement will improve the sound , even with a mediocre head unit . I'm hopin anyway .

Well, you should hear an improvment, but you will hear a bigger improvement if you upgrade the headunit

where do you guys buy your audio stuffs from??

buy audio from..

i stay away from place like best buy, circuit city..i bought my door speakers (eclipse point source $250/pair) from al & eds autosound (friend gives me great deals there)..had my amp and subs installed by mobile fantasy which do very professional and top of the line ****..dunno why i had my car done there though :D cost me $1250 for phoenix gold amp, 2 jl 12w0's, box, and the panels to match interior installed, never tried crutchfield..in my opinion it seemed a little too generic but i could be wrong

i've ordered from crutchfield, although its kinda pricey.

But despite its high prices, I'd almost say its worth it for the quality of service you get. Their site is very easy to navigate, they're very knowledgable, they're quick, and just friendly to boot.

Whenever I can spare the extra $$ to order from them, I do.

sounddomain is good also. Good prices from a good, well known name site. Good selection, too.

Crutchfield is a rip-off. Sound Domain has a 105% price guarantee, so what I do is find an ebay seller who is selling from an online store. Usually they will have a pretty low price, but crappy return policy... so go to sound domain and they'll beat their price by 5%, and you get a 30 day return policy and a great waranty becuase they are a facorty dealer. I just bought a rockford fosgate amp that was selling on crutchfield for $499.95 for $295 at sound domain with the price guarantee.

just some advice I wish I knew when I bought my first amp..