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speaker vibration help needed..


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July 30, 2005
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'96 XL
just installed polk db 5x7's in all my doors, dor now they r powered off the new pioneer 6700 head unit, i also have a kicker kx 350.4 thatll power them later. my problem is my doors rattle alot both front and back. i have some dynamat that i bought awhile back but my question is where on the doors do i put the stuff??? just trying to listen to my music without nasty rattling any help would be greatly appreciated...

put it directly behind the speaker. Also try dynomating around the door opening mechanism. You can also seal off anywhere air can get out or anything with moving parts. That should stop your rattling.

i had that problem in the driver side of my truck when I put in my Boston S85s. One of the screws was too long now since the Bostons had less thick of a bracket. 4-5 washers under the screw so it'd fit in and the problem was solved.