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Speakers mounted on rear hatch???


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August 2, 1999
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Has anyone done this, what kind of sound quality did you get, & what size did you use??

(I already tried to do a search & come up with nil)



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I guess there wouldn't be any problems with it. I know Caravans have speakers there. If you do make sure the plastic won't rattle. The speakers would have to be mounted in the plastic so make sure they aren't heavy enough to crack it. Also I'd put some baffles on them. If not, they'll be sharing the same air space and you'll loose some sound quality. (Loss of left and right definition)

I mounted a pair of Blaupunkt dual voice coil 6x9's in the rear hatch, and they sound relatively good. However, if you turn up the bass too high, everything in the tailgate rattles. It doesn't sound too bad inside, but outside, it sounds like some '74 buick Electra 225 with a 1000 watt Phoenix Gold Amp and a couple cheap 18" subs...not pretty. I ran about 300 peak wats total to mine, and like they said, they don't sound all too bad, just don't expect to get bass happy with 'em.
Good luck.

That was the first place that came to my mind to put extra speakers. but when I took the paneling off and looked I decided it was a bad Idea unless you want to under go alot of work. There are alot parts in that rear hatch you might not be aware of like the lock and its components if you put speakers in there then these components will vibrate very badly also the sheet metal used in there is very suseptical to vibrations. you could use dynomat and other such things to dampen it but it will never go completely away, In my opinion once you do this you will probably dissatisfied with the results.

I took the cover off a couple of weeks ago to put a light switch in, so that I can turn on my interior light when I lift just the rear glass or even turn it off when I lift the whole tailgate. I did kinda take a look around and that's what gave me the idea in the first place. Looks like I my steer away from that one though.

thanx for yall's input!!!