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speakers, subs and factory amp.


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June 5, 2010
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98 XLT
So i have a 98 explorer xlt 4dr, and i am unsure of whats recommended for speakers, subs, and amp in the truck. first question how much power does my factory amp put out? and if it does not put out enough do i have to put a different one in? Also what kind of sub should i put in, i was thinking rockford fosgate, and for speakes i was going to put alpines in the front and back, or should i go for rockford fosgates, whats the best bet for this? i am not worried about the price. i already have a deck that puts out 50w x 4 speakers, i am unsure how much more wattage i will need. should i put a component system in the front or just all the same speakers?, and should i put like alpines in the back and some other brand in the front, or some other configureation? i want to be able to crank it a partys and have a good sound when i am cruising?


"Power Ratings:
Base systems are rated at 24 Watts RMS (actually, Continuous Average Power)@ 10%THD Premium Systems are rated at 80 Watts RMS @ 10% THD
Audiophile Systems are rated at 145 Watts RMS @ 2% THD (4X15W from the head unit or remote Parametric Amp; 1X85W from the SW Amp) Audiophile Systems have an Advertised Peak Power rating of 290 Watts."

Sound systems in general are all subjective in nature, so it's hard to make recommendations. It is all about what you want to do. Do keep in mind that your head unit "50w x 4" is rated at peak power, i.e. not real. If you look at the spec sheet you should see an RMS power rating with a % distortion rating. This is the real world power of your head unit, but usually it is even then at a very high distortion and reduced frequency range. If it was rated correctly like a performance amplifier or quality home audio equipment, it would be rated at 20 - 20,000 Hz, below .1% and probably half again the listed RMS. So, a Pioneer head unit with the MOSFET50 amp which advertises "50w x 4" built in is: Continuous power output is 22 W per channel min. into 4ohms, both channels driven 50 to 15,000 Hz with no more than 5% THD (as per owners manual) - would probably be closer to 12-14w x 4 both channels 20-20,000 @ .09% THD. It's all a game to sell more stuff. The worst offenders of this type of inflated power stats is computer speakers, which often are rated at "PMPO," or "Peak Maximum Power Output." I've seen tiny 5w pc speakers rated at "1000watts PMPO!" Idiotic and total BS, but I am now pontificating off-topic.

TL;DR: Many car hu and amps are rated at peak power, not real power, and at much reduced requirements to achieve said RMS power. Make sure and compare apples to apples when shopping for gear.

subs speakers and amp

holy, that cleared up alot, thanks allot!!, but i have now new brewed up questions, it is 22w x 4 and thats at full banwidth power @ less than 1% THD(thats what it says), now am i going to need an amp i am putting a power of 75 watts RMS and a max of 230w (peak) now do i need to have to play it at that 75w? or will it go lower?. it says the recommended power is 75w, heres the speakers(http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/alpine-5-x-7-2-way-car-speaker-sps-507). i want to be able to crank it loud to a good tone at partys etc. and have the right stuff i it.thanks again.