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speedo gear for 32s


November 17, 2002
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94 xlt
Well last week I did the tt and shackels this week I got my 32s ats. Anyone know from presonal experience what gear I need for my speed sensor? I went from 225s to 32s . Looks great ..not a soccermom ride anymore lol.Thanks for the encouragement to go 32s almost did 31s. Wheww!

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what gears are in your axle?

What gear is in your t case now?

Its not a simple answer, it varies. You can do the math.

I believe the calculation is still on therangerstation.com

I am guessing 19 or 20 tooth depending on what gear ratio you have in your diff

Use the Ford Motorsport formula:

Driven Gear Teeth = (Drive Gear Teeth x Axle Ratio x Tire Rev. Per Mile) / 1000

There are 7 teeth on the gear in my BW1354 (and since the speedo worked fine with my 4405, I'll assume there's 7 teeth on that gear too). You can find the tire's revolutions per mile under the "Specs" link on TireRack.com. From there it's simple math:
? = ( 7 * your axle ratio * 677 ) / 1000

I have a ScanGauge and the speedo and SG readout are almost identical. There are 32" BFGs on my Ex, too. However, I have 4.10 axles. This is the formula I used.

Thanks Bronco this works out good Im putting in 4.10s next week. 7teeth sounds right . thanks again

7 is the number of teeth on the gear inside the transfer case. With 4.10 axles, you'll need a 19 tooth speedo gear.