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speedo jumping issues


April 17, 2011
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West Haven, Utah
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93 xlt
alright on my 93 xlt explorer with decent acceleration, my speedometer jumps around 30 to 35, then again from 40 to around 50 (between gear shifts) like it hesitates, then flies up a few mph. It did the 30 to 35 awhile ago and thought nothing of it, but recently started at 40 and so on. Is it the speed sensor on the transfer case coming loose? or something do i have to replace the entire speedo cable. This similar thing happened on my 86 ranger expect alot more extreme on that car.( it would jump at any speed really clear up to 85+) any suggestions would be great. thanks

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It's either speedo cable or the gauge. I had it happen on a 94 I used to have. Never did fix it totally. Replaced the cable & the speed sensor. Happened to me at 50-55. Was better then it was but it still jumped on occasion.

mine is jumpin too

usualy jumps around 55 cant use cruize control because it wont stay steady where is the control unit in a 94 xlt with auto trans,in the cable some were or what

are you asking where the cruise control is at? or the speed sensor? in my 93 my cruise control is in the engine bay, and my speed sensor is on the back of my transfercase right next to my 4x4 motor

Mechanical speedometer mechanisms can do this with age. In the day, there were repair shops that specialized just in fixing speedometers. i would make sure the cable is fully seated and not stressing the mechanism, and if that does not help, then you can get another from a junkyard. I'm not sure that a cable would fail this way. If you buy used speedometer, I would simply note the mileage when you swapped it, and translate it on the new one. I have tried to change odometer settings a few times, never had much good luck.

lmc truck says that there is mechanical systems and electronic. how do we know what we have? is there a cable on the electronic systems?.