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Speedo question


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September 2, 2018
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2000 ford explorer 94 xlt
Can you take a second gen Speedometer or is there any 1st gen explorers that can make it past 85 and have the 6 digit mileage reader

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While looking for a donor car, I have seen several six digit odometers on first gen explorers. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some have them and most do not.

Personally, my rig won’t go 85, so I’ve never seen the need for a faster speedo.

I thought it changed to a six digit odo in a certain year, maybe 94?

Depends on the state it was built for and the year. I think late-94 they went to 6 digit odometers. Mine was a 5 digit odometer, built in July 1994. When I rebuilt it with the new dash, it was out a donor from Ohio that had the New York State mandatory million mile odometer. No first generation speedometers went past 85 MPH. I think the second generation Explorers use a electronic speedometer whereas first generation models use a cable, so they are not interchangeable.



I’ve got a 94 sport with a five digit odometer. Sounds like state matters more than year.