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speedo reading faster, but no bouncing


February 27, 2008
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Brainerd, MN
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'94 Sport
so i've had two speedo's now that don't bounce but read fast then back down (unless going faster than 65, then it jumps up to 85)

I've read about bouncing speedo's and whatnot, but is it something in the speedo i can lubricate so it doesn't read fast then settle at the correct speed?

Get's annoying.....

I think it's a problem with the magnet in the speedo. When mine went (it was a bouncer) I actually took it apart to see if I could apply an easy fix. Everything seemed to work fine, but it still bounced everywhere. I hooked it to an electric drill and ran it at a constant speed. I decided that the inner magnet was just shot. Just my two cents.

dang and i just installed white faced gauges too. out they come again

If you pull another one from a "U-Pull-It" yard, see if they will give you a warranty. I got mine for about $42, and for another $5 they gave me a 1 year warranty. Compared to the $586 price tag on an NOS speedo, I figure it was well worth it.