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Speedometer/ABS problem


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May 28, 2014
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Preston, MD
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2000 Mounty V8
I've been having this problem for a while now and I'm lost on what to do. Every day when I drive with my headlights on, the ABS light will come on solid and the Spedometer will bounce between 0 and 70 and the engine will stop accelerating after the speedometer passes the speed I'm actually going. To fix my problem I have to turn my headlights off and back on and it will not happen again until I turn the truck off and then back on to go somewhere else.
I've posted about this before I've been told to change the ABS speed sensors but those did not work to solve my problem.
I can make it stop by turning my headlights off then back on, and if I pull the main ABS fuse it will not happen at all.
I've put new sensors in both front wheels, and in the rear axle.
This will not happen at all if my headlights are not on.
I feel like it is a component that is going bad somewhere but I can't figure out one that is connected to the brakes, speedometer, and headlights.
Thank you in advance for any input