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Speedometer antics


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September 16, 2006
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Canton, Ohio
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94 Limited
Recently the speedometer in my 1994 limited has been acting up. For about the first 10-15 minutes after starting it up the speedometer will bounce around, varying up to about 5 mph and then the cruise control will follow suit, but after a while it will stop and act normally. What could be causing this?

If the cruise control is also acting up, then the cable is speeding up/slowing down. The speed sensor for the cruise control is down at the end of the cable near the xfer case.

Something must be binding OR your drive/driven gear is bad.

You can try cleaning/greasing the speedo cable (core) first.

If that doesn't work, look at the driven gear (the gear on the speed cable) and see if it is ok. It should look like a cylinder, it shoudl not be concaved in the center.
The same for the drive gear, but to check it you need to put your finger in the xfer case whre the driven gear went and feel the drive gear. In our case the drive gear was in really bad shape.

But, since it only happens when cold I think the cable is what is causing it. I don't think a bad drive/drive gear alone will change how the speedo acts when cold.


I concur with maniak sounds like your cable just needs a good clean and lube I have seen this a few times before. My Navajo had the same problem while my mom still had it she had it cleaned and lubed and it quit.