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Speedometer Calibration on an 05?


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May 31, 2010
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Gillette, Wyoming
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04 Wrangler, 08 Ranger
So I have been calling around to the dealerships in the area and I can't find one ford dealer who will calibrate my speedometer. The only shop that will in utah (that I know of) wants $400.00 and I about died when I heard that! :eek:

Any advice on this? I know I can get a gps, but for all you that have done lifts and tires on a third gen, how did you calibrate your speedometer?

I used my SCT XCal3. For 400 dollars it lets you calibrate for tires and also for differential gears in addition to being able to upload performance tunes and read/clear DTC codes. Plus if you get it from Henson Performance and let James know you're from explorerforum.com he'll give you 3 free custom tunes based on your mods.


Well after calling almost all ford dealers in northern utah I found one :D $75.00-$95.00 was their quote. Thats a relief to hear.

Ronin: I never knew the SCT tuners could recalibrate for tires. I may have to pick one up one of these days. Thanks for the input.